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Obama's father suspected of being anti-white terrorist

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Apr 12, 2008
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Newly released, declassified files from the United Kingdom reveal U.S.officials' concerns that Kenyans studying in America, including President Obama's father, may have had ties to Kenyan terrorist groups that were supported by communist nations in the 1950s and early 1960s.

As yet the documents exist only in physical form at the National Archives in Kew, Southwest London – but they are open to the public, a British police source told the Law Enforcement Examiner on Sunday.

Documents released in April by the British government -- but ignored until the left-leaning, London-based newspaper The Guardian printed a story -- reveal that the President’s father, Barack Hussein Obama, Senior, was the target of an international investigation due to his ties to Kenyan terrorist groups in the 1950s such as the group responsible for the so-called Mao-Mao Uprising in Kenya.



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Feb 13, 2005
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The man sitting in the Oval Office views the Anglo-American alliance through the same anti-colonial lens as his late father

From 1920 to 1963, Britain colonized Kenya and, according to Obama, mistreated his grandfather in the process. His father, moreover, was briefly jailed during the emergency declared by the British to put down the Mau-Mau uprising there. Winston Churchill was then prime minister.

As Britain was fighting the rebellion, its embassy in Washington warned that Obama's father and other Kenyans seeking to study in the U.S. shared a dangerous antipathy toward both Britain and America.

In a Sept. 1, 1959, cable just released by the National Archives in West London, a British diplomat said the group had radical ties and a reputation for "both anti-American and anti-white" views. Obama Sr. still obtained a student visa to attend Harvard University.

Anti-colonial hatred, in fact, reflects Obama's economic and foreign policy. It explains why he goes around the world apologizing for America and seeks to end its global dominance and exceptionalism.

He sees domestic America through this lens as well, believing "blacks were forced into ghettos" by white capitalists. He believes formerly colonized people are not just Kenyans, but also African descendents living today in America. And that they still suffer under the "neocolonial" system of capitalism and must be liberated — and compensated — as he proposed in a 2001 Chicago Public Radio interview.

This is how he justifies his redistributive policies at home and abroad. This is what he means by "economic justice." It's no coincidence that welfare payments — through food stamps and disability benefits — have hit record highs under Obama. Or that succor has spiked in Kenya through increased U.S. aid and projects funded by the Obama administration. According to the U.S. Trade & Aid Monitor, recent largesse includes:

• U.S. development grants for expanding "livestock-related economic opportunities" in the African nation.

• Funding for a State Department program called Kenya Agricultural Value Chain Enterprises.

• Up to $50 million in U.S. Navy-coordinated military building projects at Camp Simba, Kenya, and another camp nearby.

• Deployment to Kenya of a privately contracted regional adviser for State's office of foreign disaster assistance, as well as an emerging pandemic threat adviser.

• A Trade and Development Agency-led project to explore energy in Kenya.

When Obama's father returned to Kenya with a Harvard economics degree in hand, he joined the newly independent Kenyan government as a Marxian economist. He argued for wringing all vestiges of Western "neocolonialism"out of the Kenyan economy and replacing it with socialism.

Unfortunately for America, which in 2008 had no idea it was electing a leader with such foreign baggage, his son is captive to the same ideology that sees capitalism as a form of neocolonialism.

"He adopted his father's position that the free market is a code word for economic plunder," Rather than focus on the specific people who wronged his family, "Obama is on a systematic campaign against the colonial system that destroyed his father's dreams,"

What other evidence exists that Obama views the West through his father's anti-colonial lens? It's plain from his first memoir, "Dreams From My Father," that he worships his dad and his ideology. He devotes a third of the book to covering, in bitter detail, his father's life and his colonized ancestry in Kenya. This is purposeful.

He also discussed "neocolonialism," "Eurocentrism," "patriarchy" and "white capitalist imperialism"

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