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October Snowstorm?

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Yesterday the temp was about 95 and humidity was down around 20%in the afternoon-- This morning I get up and can't see anywhere-- Pea Soup thick fog-- humidity was 98%--Didn't even have any hay "that" dry to bale...

Is this a predication of an early winter? - 90 days past the fog would be about Oct. 20th....Be like a couple of years ago when we got our first snow in Oct? And it stayed til May...

Well at least their will be plenty of hay :) .......

Faster horses

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Feb 11, 2005
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NE WY at the foot of the Big Horn mountains
YIKES, OT. I never thought of that 90 day prediction at this time of year. :p

It was the same way here, misty fog and 100% humidity. The guys didn't even go to rake. It is nice now, little breeze and fairly cool. So the day started a little later than ususal, but it has started.

Gotta take our grandson to meet his mother this afternoon. Sure gonna miss him. He is big enough to be alot of help now. And he is so interested.
However, he wants a Go-Cart for his birthday. We talked to him about saving his money...

Gosh, if these kids get it all when they are so young, (he will be 11), what do they have to look foreward to? He drives the Scout, the Honda 110, the big tractor, the old H (that's what he rakes with) and anything else that he can, now.

Yesterday he had a friend over who came on a 4-wheeler. They rode that 110 and that 4-wheeler around here all afternoon. Got horrible dusty. They came in, hot and thirsty with big grins~

Our daughter would have been horseback all that time. Riding, singing, checking cattle, roping the dummy, etc. etc. Is that the difference between boys and girls, or is it a sign of the times, or both?

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