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Off to the sale barn

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May 14, 2011
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Took a load of 6 yearlings and 1 cull cow to the sale barn last night. The cow is one who lost her calf this year. Her first calf, 3 years ago required assistance with calving. As we were bringing her into the barn she layed down in the pond, head out, rest of her in. We finally got her out and she calved OK, raised the calf OK. This year we knew she had calved but could not find the calf, nor any evidence of one. We hunted all over but never found her calf. Three weeks later we found the calf drowned in the pond. Figured this cow was a good candidate for culling!

Waiting to be loaded.

First calf heifer herd grazing with no worries, barley watching as we load the others.


Destination sale barn. We had alot of hay to roll up today so we didn't go to the sale. Should know Friday how they did.
Thanks Soapweed. My husband and I have been enjoying your pictures and posts for several years now. So glad to be a member here. We usually attend the sale but with this great hay weather we needed to take advantage of it. We'll let you know how they did.

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