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old fences....

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Feb 11, 2005
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Cabin Creek, Carlile,Wyoming
Fences are old on this place some have been replaced others just spliced and posts added. There are split oak post that are well over 50 years old, army surplus cedar tent post, and a lot of treated pine. The wire getting so old and brittle, then there hot springs and sulpher on the west side that not a friend of wire. Thinking of putting up offset insulators and run a high tinsel hot wire around most the place. Along the river run it to a deep spot where the cows won't go in and cross it high there so the boats can touch it then run it along the bank back to the fence line again.
Check out the Stafix x12i fencer. It is advertised to stop bear and dear and I don't know about bear but deer fairly well leave it alone. I trust it to hold cattle like a good coal fence and way better than any other fence I have. In a few minutes I can fence in a peice of pasture that wouldn't be cost effective otherwise.
offsets are ok but have found that the old wire has a habit of breaking and then shorting the hot wire out. have found that using re-bar posts about 45' apart and a foot inside the old fence to hold the hot wire to be a better solution to offsets.probably more cost effective as well.
Chargers are the answer sometimes, leased land etc.
I use and like the solar chargers on water gaps, seems like every time I got one fixed it would come a young flood and wash the dam thing out again.
Now a good solar charger and a strand or 2 of wire and Im done.
good luck
Dont use offsets, for same reason as hayguy stated and usually they dont last. If it is in a remote area that you arent gonna check regularly use non-conductive posts, that way deer cant knock off an insulator and short out the fence. I have found hi tensile works best when beside barbwire because it dont wrap around barbwire when deer go thru like regular electric wire.

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