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Old Picture

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Apr 24, 2009
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I was going through a bag of old pictures, and found this. It was taken in May of 1984, I am sure branding day. My Granddads calves. Pinzgauer-Simmy influenced bulls on top of black baldy calves. To my recollection, Grandp a never once sold calves through the salebarn.

Calved in February, sold calves in January, and had lots of steers on the upper end of 800 pounds. Mainly wintered on regrowth meadows.
I am not so sure that the horse in the background, isn't the horse my Dad was on when it went down with him and put him in a wheel chair. I remember riding the horse all the next spring, but we never could get the trust issue worked out.

Not sure how to scan a picture and make it fit. GRRRRRRR

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