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Old Time Movie

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isn't it amazing how watching an old movie from our childhood can bring back such wonderful memories :D :D while at my dad's house, cleaning the 25 years of cigarette smoke off the ceilings and walls, i came upon an old Abbott and Costello movie "Time of their lives"....sat and watched with my 5 year old and we both laughed til we cried!! thanks for the trip down memory lane!! :D
I watched Smokey, too, and a very young Fess Parker.

Has anybody seen Will Roger's "The Roping Fool"? It is a video and it is an oldie, black and white, a bit jerky and A LAUGH A MINUTE.
If you like roping at all, you would love this video. It is a 'must have.'

We highly recommend it for that 'hard to buy for' cowboy on your gift list!!
I enjoy seeing movies from my childhood especially musicals which are as scarce as hen's teeth now. But have any of you noticed how generally poor the acting ability was back in the 50's? The art of acting must have improved over the years even though the content, sadly, often hasn't.

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