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Old Timer, you asked.......

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Feb 21, 2005
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about NCBA and CBB committtees.

1. There are two industry audit committees:
a. One is the Joint Industry Audit Committee and is an advisory committee that reviews all financial information and record keeping of NCBA. That one is always chaired by an NCBA member but CBB has a seat on it.

b. The other audit committee is the CBB Audit committee, and nobody from NCBA sits on that one: it is totally CBB.
i. Current members and specific information about the duties/responsibilities of those committees is available on our Web site at this link: http://www.beefboard.org/finaauditcommittees.aspx or, from the home page of www.beefboard.org, by clicking on the "Financial & Audit" button and then on "2005 audit committees" in the listing along the left-hand side of the page.

2. Budget Committees are set up in a similar fashion:

a. Yes, the Joint Budget Committee is chaired by the treasurer of NCBA--BUT it's important to note that that's because this committee deals with recommendations concerning program dollars allocated for programs managed by the CBB's largest contractor, NCBA. On the checkoff side, the committee--which is advisory only-- in nature--reviews and establishees revenue projections, reviews the operating and administration costs OF NCBA, and RECOMMENDS a checkoff budget that allocates resources to the various program categories--i.e. promotion, research, consumer information, industry information, foreigh marketing, and producer communications.

b.The CBB also has its own CBB budget Committee, which also is advisory in nature. This committee is made up only of CBB members and operates independently from the full Joint Committee to develop the CBB's budget, which it forwards to the CBB Executive Committee and Beef Promotion Operating Committee for review.

3. Program Committees

a. There are no rules as to who chairs joint program committees--which, remember again, are ADVISORY committees. The members of these committees are appointed jointly by CBB and NCBA officers, and there are just as many CBB leaders as there are representatives from NCBA's Federation Division. These two groups comprise the checkoff "side" while ONLY the dues paying members are truly the policy making division of NCBA.

I hope this, and visiting the website can put to rest your incorrect assertions that the Policy/Dues division of NCBA has undue representation on the committees.

Thanks MRJ-- I have another source that is trying to get me the entire list of CBB members and the affiliate cattle organization that nominated them for appointment- if I get it I'll share it with you.....

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