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Big Muddy rancher

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Feb 10, 2005
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Big Muddy valley
Oldtimer , Tam posted Ted Haney's bio could you post Bill Bullards bio so we maybe can see where he is coming from and what his back ground is. :cowboy:
Bull Burger said:
Please don't Oldtimer. He's a failed cow/calf guy from western South Dakota and we don't need the publicity. :(

Thanks Bull Burger, at least you told me more then Oldtimer. I wondered if he was ashamed of him when he wouldn't reply to my request. :cowboy:
Arent a lot of leaders of groups like this washups? Seems if you go broke you can become a banker, politician, or leader of R-calf.
Manitoba Rancher wrote. "Arent a lot of leaders of groups like this washups? Seems if you go broke you can become a banker, politician or leader of R-Calf."

You sure hit the nail on the head there. During the 1980's those who followed the college professors and the extention people's advise and mortgaged their assets to the hilt in order to expand. When they lost all or part of their ranch or farm, they became financial advisers or they got a government job. That was the standard joke arround here at the time.
Oldtimer it is not polite to just ignor a person :lol:
Oldtimer said:
Tam said:
Oldtimer it is not polite to just ignor a person :lol:

Tam- I don't have it at my fingertips- probably can find it on R-CALFS web....

So find it and copy and paste if you don't know how I'm sure Haymaker can talk you through it.
Funny thing, I was talking to my spouse yesterday about "wouldn't it be interesting to know Bill Bullard's biography?" he thought it would be interesting, too. Talked to a neighbor of ours, he would really like to know. Does anybody out there have this information? We're just trying to figure out what makes Bullard tick and his way of thinking.
Bullard, formerly a cow/calf rancher in Perkins County, SD, served as the Executive Director of the South Dakota Public Utilities Commission from 1995-2001. He has a B.S. in Political Science from Black Hills State University and completed a year of graduate studies at the University of South Dakota.

Well theve sure got the BS thing right! It would be interesting to know what this guys bio is. Guess all of his followers are to ashamed to share his information! :eek:
In fairness,

I don't care what Bullard's background is. What matters is what he says and whether he can back it. The facts and truth is all that matters. I don't care where anyone has been, I care where they are going.

Bullard is going nowhere if he continues to lie and mislead.

In all fairness, it DOES matter where a person has been and what he's done unless he has repaid his debts and changed his ways. Bullard ran the ranch he was buying from neighbors of ours into the ground and left them and the bank holding a bag full of his bad debts. Those of us who know way more than we want to about him have a hard time not judging the whole R-CALF movement by the kind of fellow he is now and has been in the past. If you want to be trusted, you have to earn that trust. Bullard hasn't done anything since to change my mind about his character.
Sounds like there is more than a bit of snake oil being sold by Bullard and Co. A bit like Jimmy Swaggart I'd say but this time it will be the American beef producer left holding the bag of bills.

Good Luck!
Again, in all fairness, I should have mentioned that I have personal friends who are members of R-CALF who are honorable people, good money managers, good stewards of land and livestock, and are honest as the day is long. I certainly didn't mean to paint these wonderful folks with the same brush as Bullard.
I also have some problems with NCBA and the stand they are taking about opening the border. Where does that leave people like me?
Where does SDCA stand on this issue - can anyone tell me?
My neighbor wants me to cut and paste THE REVEREND JACKSON, Al Sharpton, Leo Mcdonald and Bill Bullard onto a picture for display, as he says they are all the same, they are nothing but hot air using fear tactics to keep their followers donating to their own retirement funds, and in the mean time they are destroying anything that gets in their way. Truth means nothing, it's all about the money. Better get to work. :)
Ok, you guys are getting out of line, I believe this could qualify as liable/slander. You talk about people you do not know, things you have no idea about and just rant and rave like a bunch of idiots. Maybe talk to these people, or research the topic before sputtering out random sentence fragments and making you look like a bunch of fools. If you feel this way, send Leo or bill a letter saying this, and if you don't have the goods to do that, then shut it. Also, these GOOD men have the courage, and forethought to get off their ass and do something about their problems, and the problems of their friends, and all you guys can say is derogatory remarks. Wow, not much insight, or intellect here!
Wow, not much insight, or intellect here!

Nope, don't know why you would want to hang out with us! Better go somewhere else to get the material for your "paper"

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