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Ole and Sven "ride", again!!

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Feb 10, 2005
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ennis, montana
One morning, while visiting the local cafe for coffee, Ole and Sven take notice to a paper taped to the outside window advertising for cowboys to help move cattle and decide that they, too, can be cowboys and answered the ad.
when they arrive at cowcamp, they are greeted by Arne and Oscar.
"there are only 2 small tents, so we must "bunk up", staes Oscar. So, the first night Arne and Ole share a tent and Oscar and Sven set their tent up a distance down the stream, closer to the cattle.
The next morning at breakfast, Arne shows up looking like hell...his hair is standing on end and his eyes are bloodshot. "That Ole," he says," he snores so loud, i vas avake all night. So, vun of you go to do it tonight."
The next night was Oscars turn. and the next morning, he too showed up for breakfast with hair on end and eyes on fire!! "Fer sure, that Ole shakes the roof. He sleeps so hard, I could not vake him. I vatched him all night.", says an exhausted Arne.
The third, an final night was Svens turn. The next morning, however, Sven shows up at the campfire looking well rested, bright eyed and bushy tailed. Stunned, Oscar asks him "what happened."
Sven says "Vell, ve get ready for bed. I go and tuck Ole in and kiss him good night and den i pat him on da butt. Den he vatches ME all night."

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