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Bull Burger

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Feb 14, 2005
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Fruited Plains of western SD
Former Ku Klux Klansman

Sen. Robert Byrd said Thursday that he decided to leave the anti-black terrorist group in 1946 after becoming a born-again Christian, adding that the only reason he used the "N"-word in a 2001 television interview is because he'd heard black leaders say it.

Asked why he left the Klan, Byrd told Fox News Channel's Alan Colmes: "My wife and I, we're born-again Christians. ... We were baptized in the Old Church Yard at Crab Orchard Baptist Church in 1946. ... That changed my thinking in many ways."

"Time, reflection and the teachings of the Bible" helped him cut his ties with the Klan, said Byrd - where he served as Grand Kleagle and was paid $10 a head to recruit like-minded racists willing to lynch blacks.
Asked why - 55 years after he abandoned the hate group - he used the "N"-word twice during an interview on "Fox News Sunday," the ex-Klansman explained:

"Well, I have heard many people use it. I have heard black leaders use it. I've heard white leaders use it."

Byrd told Colmes that the racist slur "meant nothing" to him, except to describe someone who was ignorant.

The West Virginia Democrat insisted that he'd always tried "to do the right thing."

But he didn't explain why he decided to lead the filibuster against the 1964 Civil Rights Act, or championed the renaming of the Senate's main office after Georgia Sen. Richard B. Russell, whose chief accomplishment was blocking the passage of anti-lynching legislation in the 1930s and '40s.

Instead Byrd insisted it was time to close the book on the earlier chapters of his life, saying: "I was wrong, as many young men are wrong today, even when they join groups. That's all in the past."

Who are ya lynchin' today, eznow?
Well, we can all be happy that Byrd's Christian conversion led him to conclude that he should oppose torture, murder, intimidation, and evil on religous grounds. Guess he sees no civic duty to oppose torture.
God bless Sen Byrd, He owned up to what mistakes he had done, and is a born again christian, for some reason Bullburger you seem to have some sort of problem with this. But anyway may god bless you too.
ps. To answer your question Im not lynching anybody.
What sort of reprobate needs a Christian experiance to rue the villany of the KKK? You see, I'm not buying the "transformation" as anything more than political expediancy. If you buy the "transformation" story, answer the question, What sort of man participates in beating, burnig, and torturing children (besides Sadam Heussain)? AND I AIN'T BUYIN NO DAMN SADAM HEUSSAIN TRANSFORMATION EITHER.

PS Hell yes, the evil of the KKK is appropriately paralled with Heussain. Byrd is bedrock scum of the earth, and he defines his party.

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