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Only needs 100 horses? Yeah right.

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Feb 14, 2005
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Southern SD

Wanted to pass on a little advice in case anyone else is looking at one of these outfits. First, I pulled it 500 miles behind a diesel pickup to get it home; bad idea. Should have used the semi and put a pintle hitch on it, what was I thinking? Secondly, the factory rep. and specs. specify only a 100 horsepower tractor is needed to operate this outfit (unless they meant only when it was empty??) I started by hooking it to a 2wd tractor rated at app. 135 hp and that was totally inadequate. Then hooked it to a front wheel assist that's rated at something less than 200 hp and that's working much better, adding duals would be a good idea as well. The mover works great and is built to be almost indestructible, but I would hate like hell to see somebody buy one and not have enough tractor to use it. The specs. are misleading in that regard.
We got one last year.

They need to redesign the forks so they don't dig in uneven ground.
dang what a rig. i bet my poor ole 966 ih would have a vapor lock seeing it. i hooked about a 600 bushel grain cart to it last fall just to unload. pto and hydruaics only. didnt even move it and wew glad that date didnt last long. if i used that hay moving rig much i would need to get out my 7140 fwd with duals for stability. thanks for the warning
My husband demo'd one of those last summer, had it hooked to a 4366 4WD International. He said that was almost not enough power, it also was so heavy on the front, it snapped the drawbar right off the tractor. He sent it back and bought a Highline that hauls 14 bales. He pulls it with a 5088 International with no duals, and he says he has no problems. Doesn't even push the tractor around, even turning corners.
I have a 1400 Morris hayhiker and its nice to use when its in the field. But it s hardly ever there, pile of JUNK!!!! Arm has been replaced and now th eframe is cracking again. If its raining tomorrow I may have to get it into the shop and do some frame repair. Word of advice dont buy a morris!!!
...manitoba rancher... maybe your hayliner was built on a Friday... we move appro. 2000 bales a year and knock on wood I guess have been happy with it compared to my old Laurier that wore out...it could be where we live most of the fields are fairly level...
In defense of the Bourgault, I counted 352 bales that were bunched and moved to the outside of the field yesterday using it. The walking/pivoting axles take most of the bumps up so it doesn't shake much and I'll be surprised as all hell if it ever gets tore up. The max. carrying capacity of it is 40,000 lbs., and that figures out to be two rows of 8 with another row of 7 loaded on top equaling 23 bales weighing up to 1740 lbs. each. I think this would be easily doable with a larger 4wd tractor.

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