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Open Fields on KBHB 810 at 11:05 today

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Liberty Belle

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Feb 10, 2005
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northwestern South Dakota
There will be a radio forum on the Open Fields Doctrine over KBHB Radio, 810 on the dial, today at 11:05. If you have questions about what the open fields doctrine is and the problems landowners have with the way Game Fish and Parks is using the doctrine, turn your radio to 810. There will be representatives from both the GF&P and the SD Lockout.
I want to thank KBHB Radio for airing this forum. Representative Rhoden and Larry Nelson did a very good job of presenting the case for repeal of Open Fields to protect the rights of private landowners. The assistant attorney general and Emmett Keyser did a credible job of presenting the governor's and GF&P's position, but they really had nothing to offer landowners who object to having their property rights violated just so GF&P can do license checks.

One thing that should have been asked of GF&P when they were touting their move to further improve communications with landowners was why nothing has been done to address the complaints landowners have had about GF&P personnel in the past. Wouldn't you think that the problems that caused this blow-up would be addressed in their move toward "improving communications"?

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