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Feb 11, 2005
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Cabin Creek, Carlile,Wyoming
Went and renewed my Private Pesticide Applicator License yesterday, Old Lloyd Baker sat next to me, he will be 101 this summer(he had a dance for his 100 Birthday last year),Now that optimism renewing a 5 year license.
Good for him! :lol:

Joe Schuk died about 2 weeks back from pancreatic cancer at 93. On his 90th birthday, his extensive family had gathered to celebrate with him. At suppertime Joe was nowhere to be found and his wife hadn't seen him for several hours. 2 grandsons took their 4 wheelers to search for Joe.

They found him, stripped to the waist, buckle deep in water, pulling a beaver dam. Cussing bugs and rodents, the grandsons couldn't get him to come home until the job was completed.

A son and grand daughter of Joe's sang this at his service, it fit him very well. :D

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