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Feb 10, 2005
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Montgomery, Al
Software Designed To Help Track Hot-Iron Brands
A former New Mexico state brands supervisor has developed software that instantly matches hot-iron brands with cattle owners and ranch locations. The software, expected to be commercially available this fall, comes at a time when the government is seeking faster, more detailed information about livestock, particularly during disease outbreaks.

The Nickel Brand Software allows a user to find the owner of a brand by sketching the brand on the screen of a computer palm pad with an electronic stylus or by scanning the brand with a hand scanner.

Loretta A. Martinez, founder of Moriarty-based Nickel Brand Software, says matching brands with ranches can be tricky. Just in New Mexico, there are almost 29,000 brands representing thousands of working ranches, each of which may use several brands. Martinez says she's not proposing to change the traditional hot-iron branding of cattle, just the recording of brands and the accessing of brands when that information is needed.
-- Clint Peck

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