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paint colt

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Mar 11, 2005
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northeast nebraska
that 2 yr old paint colt that i asked you'all's advice as to boarding contract; days for a 2-yr old; etc..? do you remember him? well, if you do, he had been at a guys place in NE IA; a person has evidently run off the road, took out some fence, and that colt, along with a number of other high-priced exotic and non-exotic stock has gone missing.

now, call me a paranoid type of person, but i did grow up in that part of the country, and EVERYTHING is fenced. you don't just get stock "wandered off" out there cause there ain't no where to "wander". so i'm thinking that all's well that end's well: i don't have to ask a "friend" to sign a contract that could put us in court as opponents, i don't have to worry about a 2-yr old with the kids (and me :) ), and it leaves me an opportunity to check with some people with good, but "too old to do the work" horses, for my baby girl to take to 4-h next year.

just goes with my basic philosophy of life: there IS a silver lining in every cloud, and the guy that takes care of linings watches over us.

so, anyone has an older horse, bomb-proof, who needs a (spoiled) home for the rest of his/her life? that can take light riding? here's your place. and just so you know, i do believe in the BEST care, and if things get too painful, i do believe in euthanasia. been there, done that. many times.

gosh, that sounds like an ad, but it's not, really, all you guys live too far away anyway and i don't have a pick-up or trailer (tho i could borrow one... :D)

it IS funny how thefts happen though, isn't it?
you know, we might be able to get the pony up here if the right trucking co could be found--i know one or two. the problem is: who's coming up here? let me know where you are--it might take a change or 2, but hey--worth a try?... seriously--i know a Bunch of truckers.

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