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Pairs Value

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Northern Rancher

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Feb 10, 2005
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What are pairs worth for Oct. 1 delivery. They would have the odds and sods sorted off. Straight black cows bred back black for a 50 day breeding season. Calves all knife cut and under Pfizer Gold program-five to six triaxle loads.

Based on 550 wt and tracking calf price relative to 2001 less the $1.05 dollar, puts steers around $1.60 and heifers 10c back. Average $852 per calf, add $1400 for a bred cow and voila...
The other thought is pairs right now are trading up to $1800, add the grass and weight and you are looking around the same $.
With marketing and sorting, etc. and weather to go that could range anywhere from + or - $2252.00 on either side :lol:
Tuesday at Mile City... They had these pairs listed as "fancy" and I heard they were nice...

AARON J HELM , MILES CITY 32 BLK-PAIR-3YR 1,140 $2,000.00 /Hd
We had a number of calls through the winter for breds or younger pairs - we sell neither so sent them on to some dispersals. They wanted one-iron cattle only. At the time (early 2011) their $ would have been a bit short for young pairs.
I know of running age pairs with 200lb calves at side that sold for 1350 this week and have seen reports of pairs bringing 2000. A 550 lb calf is going to be worth that 900 range and the cow is worth 1500. Why would you sell pairs in Oct instead of selling the calves and then the cows. Just curious, unless they are fall pairs then that is a different story. Let me know if they are fall cows, I will sell the pregnant cow for you and you won't have to worry about calving them.

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