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Passing of a Good Neighbor

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Feb 10, 2005
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Marsland, Nebraska
Soapweed I just heard this morning that you lost a good neighbor, and friend. I know I sure enjoyed getting to visit with him and knowing him the years we spent in Valentine and surronding area, a lot of good memorys and friends. Also I have been looking at your pictures of branding, should be able to sell some as help is hard to get, we have gone to doing them on the weekend when wife and I can spend quality time we catch and tie them up and then work them using a piggin string little slow but it gets the job done and don't worry if help can't make it. Have a good day
It was a nice funeral on a beautiful sunny Sandhills day. He was my dad's first cousin, and their granddad came to this country with his three brothers to homestead, back in 1885.

Here is a picture of the American Legion color guard from Cody, that attended the funeral. Another color guard from Gordon was on hand for the graveside service.


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