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Feb 22, 2008
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west chilcotin bc
We have been dealing with more cases of Pasturella every year for about 6 years now. It seems the 2 years we vaccinated calves for it were worse than not so we quit again.
It is said that unless a calf is 3 months old when vaccinated there is little chance that the vaccine will do any good.

We are having to treat more than ever this year, If caught early a dose of Draxxin is doing the trick Problem is, with cattle now on range there is small chance of seeing every calf every day.
Our vet says vaccinating the cows for Pasturella pre-calving is having good results. Little late for this year. :roll:

What are you doing if you've had troubles?
Last year we got creamed with pneumonia, so switched to an intranasal MLV at branding (Enforce 3). It's supposed to be effective in younger calves, thus helping with the maternal antibody interference. So far, I've not treated one calf (hope I didn't just jinx myself. Of course anything thing that lived through last February could probably survive a nuclear blast, just saying :wink: ). I plan on boostering the calves with Bovishield Gold 5 when we go on the forest next week.
... FWIW, I've also heard vaccinating the cows since they serve as a source of infection is a good plan as well. I'd consider that route if we didn't co-mingle our cattle. It's always something :p .
The last five, or so, years we have been hammered with pneumonia at weaning time. For the first five years I was home from school and caring for the herd I had one with pneumonia. I have mass treated the herd of weaned calves in four out of the last five years to get the infection stopped. It doesn't seem to matter if the calves are in the lot or on pasture, they still get hit really hard with pneumonia at weaning. This year I am giving everything Inforce 3 at birth when I work the calves. We will see if it makes any difference. It isn't cheap but neither is Micotil and Baytril. It is also pretty hard to market the dead ones.

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