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Pertending I'm God

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May 24, 2005
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The Dam End of Silicon Valley
I'm writing a report for my children and to post here when I got stuck on the words "play God" - - This is actually words that have been THROWN at me.

We play at being Grown Up
We play at being Parents
We play at being Cowboys or Indians
We play at being Grown up
We play at being Our Hero's
We play at being at being Our Idles
Who do you Idolizes more than God
What's wrong with Playing God – Trying to see things through His Eyes

Part of the story:
The report was that she was a vegetable and would remain that way. As Ranchers we have all been called upon to play God over the destiny of our livestock. Now my God was asking me to play God over the destiny of my Mother.

At this point I had to look-up "PLAY" and I found that it fits here:

play v
1. vi to take part in enjoyable activity for the sake of amusement (Gods amusement)
2. vti to take part in a game or a sporting activity (under the eyes of my God)
3. vt to compete against somebody in a game or sporting event (or to compete in life)
4. vti to assign a player to a particular position on the field, or be assigned such a position (Of) (by my Life Coach God)
5. vt to make a particular shot or stroke in a sporting event (the event of Life)
6. vt to hit or kick a ball, puck, or birdie in a particular direction, especially as a way of beating an opponent (the devil)
7. vt to use a card from a hand in a card game or a piece in a board game (the game being Life)
9. vt to use an instrument or the voice to perform a piece of music (Gods Music)
10. vt to perform the music of a particular composer (God is the Master Composer)
11. vti to reproduce recorded music for listening, or be reproduced in this way (to reproduce ones self in Gods Way)
12. vti to deal with a situation in a particular way to achieve a desired result (Gods way)
13. vt to pretend to be a particular type of person (God)
14. vti to portray a character in a theatrical or movie production (or Life)
15. vt to perform in particular places or types of places (Life)
16. vi to do something for fun, not in earnest (Play God)
17. vti to perform a play or show a movie at a particular theater, or be performed or shown there (my theater being Life)
18. vt to perform the work of a particular dramatist (the dramatist being God)
19. vti to gamble on a game of chance such as roulette or on horse races (or Gods view of my Religion)
20. vt to speculate with securities or commodities in a market (or Religion)
21. vi to be received in a particular way by somebody or to make a particular impression on that person (that person being God)
22. vti to move or cause something to move unsteadily or irregularly over a surface, usually in a pleasing way (to God)
23. vt to tire an already hooked fish by letting it pull on the line as it tries to escape (or prove ones self to God)

1. activities bringing amusement or enjoyment, especially the spontaneous activity of young children or young animals (or young Believers to God)
2. a particular action or move in a game (Life's Game)
3. somebody's turn to move in a game (the game of life)
4. the action during a game or series of games (the game of life)
5. a player's handling of a shot or move or use of a piece or card (Life)
7. a dramatic work written to be performed by actors on the stage, on television, or on the radio (or in life)
8. a ploy or deceptive act intended to achieve a particular end (the end of understanding God)
10. a pun on a word
11. flickering or shimmering movement, especially of light through or on something (God looking into my sole)

Ok Have at me!
Old Dog/New Tricks, I apologize for being dense, but I'm not sure I understand the reason for your posting's about the way/definitions of 'play'. However, I can sure understand the difficulty in making the kind of decision about your mother you are describing. As I don't have the answer, I can only suggest that you take into consideration who and what she both was and is, what she believed in, her ideals, thoughts, and outlook, then couple that with your gut and prayer. You will receive an answer. Take care.
I also don't catch your drift :???: But then I soundly lost a Scabble game to a 93 year old this weekend so that tells you something. :oops:

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