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Philippines bans U.S. beef

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Feb 10, 2005
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Philippines bans U.S. beef

by Pete Hisey on 7/14/2005 for Meatingplace.com

Saying that the United States has "not yet disclosed information on the cohorts of the new BSE case," Philppine Agriculture Secretary Arthur C. Yap banned the import of live American cattle and all beef commodity shipments, backdated to June 24. That means that shipments made after that date, but not yet offloaded, will be refused.

According to BusinessWorld, the Philippines had imported about 1.5 million pounds of beef products from the United States in the first six months of 2005, although the bulk of the imports were offal and beef fat. About 500,000 pounds were choice cuts.
Add another 1.5 million pounds to the order they will be getting from Canada.

Eventually an open and honest policy has paid off.
Eventually Canada should be able to take over all of the export markets that the US used to serve. We need to get our government to quit standing in the way and let us go after Japan in a big way. Then we won't have to export to the US and prices in both Canada and the US will benefit.

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