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Feb 16, 2005
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South East Texas
Yes there is definately an eye for the camera involved. I've found in all the pictures I take..sometimes I have it..sometimes I don't. I dont know if any of you know who David Stoecklein is...he's a photographer that mostly does cowboy photography. I love his work. But I was reading an article/interview with him and he was talking about how many bad pictures he takes compared to how many good pictures he takes.
In my way of thinking there is no such thing as a "bad picture" because even if it's not somethin you wanna share with someone..it's something you can look at and learn what you did wrong, or what you dont like about it and change next time. My daughter is showing interest in photography, I'm the 4H leader here and we always do a photography project where all the kids get disposable cameras. They can take pictures of anything they want. They aren't limited to the disposable, because at fair time they will enter thier pictures and other's aren't just using disposables. But it gives some of the kids a chance to participate that otherwise might not get to since mom n dad may not be able to afford a nice camera. Some of those kids take some perdy awsome pictures with that lil 4.99 disposable. Daughter won grand champion with her photo last year.

Anyway....as some of you may remember, sw and I exchanged our "years worth of pictures" from last year. Mine was on cd..his on vhs. Enjoyed seeing how others do things. I think it's a really great way to preserve our pictures. This coming year I am makin picture slideshow cd's with the pictures set to music, for christmas cards. instead of the normal card, or letter that's included.
It's not that hard to learn how to put your pictures on a cd. Take the time!!!! it's worth it. Besides if you have all your pictures on your computer and it goes down..you've lost everything. I try to take the time to put my pictures on a disk about once a month. Label it May 2005 or whatever, but that way I've got a back up.
What I'm gettin at is...all you people out there...git them cameras out and take pictures of what you do on a daily basis. I'm not sayin you hafta share if you dont want to. But it will be something you treasure always in the end.
David Stoecklein takes alot of really nice pictures but, most of them are staged, not real working pictures such as the ones that get posted on here. If you look at his calendar of Idaho cowboys, my brother and some other people I know are in the pictures (maybe somebody you know in Mackay). He spent all day with my brother just to get a couple of shots, and btw, my brother never rides when there is snow on the ground unless it's an absolute necessity. Keep on taking them, the best part about digital is the delete button! :!:


Out checking heifers two nights ago, needed a tripod to hold still, took one with me last night but clouds and no cigar
Yeah I know his stuff is staged. That's the only thing that I dont like about his work. My friend from Mackay knows alot of the people in his photos from that area. I never stage a picture....haha cuz they look "staged"....I'd much rather catch a shot of someone doin somethin when they have no idea I'm shootin.
Great picture and great idea about posting more. I love all the pics. Sometimes I don't have time to read the forum, but can always make time for the pictures. :D

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