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Pickett: A Riddle Inside an Enigma by Paul Harvey

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Aug 26, 2005
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Sandhusker and the rest: You better copy this one down in your computers and print out a copy. When it gets out it will be removed from the files because it is true.

Sandhusker, the words between Section 202 a, b, and c are operative. The act has the word or.

Or does not mean both in the English language I know. The word "Whatsoever" was taken out for a 5 year period to allow the case law to be made so they could get away with the fraud. My phones are being tapped and I am going to stop recieving my info from my source pretty soon. Good luck on these issues.

As a young man in my early 20's I visited the Big Apple. I was very excited about Wall Street and all of the other famous places in the capital of capitalism. The people in the city were very different than the people in the country and I tried to notice these differences. Eye contact was less frequent and the New York attitude with its less "friendly" way was apparent. I wanted to investigate this different personality further as it piqued my interest.

I bought a suit from the garment district and stopped to buy a tie from a sidewalk vendor. As I was putting the tie on I noticed a group of people gathered around a table with 3 shells on it. One of the men tried to make eye contact with me and get me interested but having been educated already in cattle barn by my experiences with my grandfather; I averted my eyes and feigned interest in my tie buying. The man behind the table was calling "Find the pea and win!" He would shuffle the shells with the pea under it and was calling for people to come play the game. Along came a man down the street, who I will name Hawker, who took note and seemed innocently interested in playing the game. The man behind the table showed him how he had to pick the pea under the shell with an example shuffle. Hawker picked the shell with the pea under it. "See how easy it is!" claimed the man behind the table. Hawker laid his $10.00 down and then the man shuffled the shells. Hawker won 3, lost 2 and won then lost another one.

The ones Hawker lost were obvious mistakes in judgment that the tourists noticed. Hawker would work the crowd like an auctioneer asking what shell to pick and then Hawker would pick another one, noting that the tourist picked the right one. What a show!! Hawker stepped aside and allowed a tourist a shot, which he won and then lost, Hawker's body moving in front of the next tourist "victim" of the game so that the view was temporarily blocked. There were a couple of other onlookers who were getting into the game but claimed they had no money but would make comments on every decision made. Eventually they too pulled 10s and 20s out of their pocket to play. Sometimes winning, sometimes losing. Their enthusiasm was climbing with every new game adding to the tourist's interest in the New York attraction.

The game went on for a short time and I tried several different ties on. I noted that the man behind the table was better than the crowd, not every time, but more often than not. With the help of Hawker and the enthusiastic crowd more money changed hands.

Then as suddenly as the action began, it ended. The money that had been held out for the next chance disappeared. Hawker made a spectacle of himself over the emotions the game excised from him. The whole crowd of people in front of the table disappeared and the table was shuffled under an overcoat. I did notice, while others were looking at Hawker, that one of the "innocent" onlookers who had been a part of the enthusiastic crowd, picked up the shells for the man behind the table and put them in his pocket. Another picked something else off the ground as he slipped off. Moments later I noticed a policeman down the street following the pointing people to the crowd gath ered before me. The crowd was still gathered but the table and the shells long gone. By the time he arrived at the tie booth the tie man raised his hands in an "I don't know" gesture. New York, New York. What a theatrical place! So many people, so many attractions. A different world than mine but one that was exciting, despite the tough exterior of the humanity that called it home.

I had a meeting at Goldman Sachs where I had the best boxed meal and desert in my life. I went on my way to Wall Street and bought my bull and bear tie. The crossroads of supply and demand was established here. It was the center of the greatest economy on earth. Fortunes were lost and fortunes were made every day. The workings of the world had an intersection in New York and it was the world's cattle market.

On my way home from the exchange I walked off my excitement the day had brought. I must have walked 6 miles, this way and that, taking in the sights I knew I was soon to leave but keeping the experiences of a lifetime.

On my way home I noticed another crowd similar to the one I had seen earlier in the day. My suspicions nestled in the crevices of my mind were affirmed as I saw many of the same people I had seen earlier playing the same parts around the table. I knew a truth that had escaped many innocent bystanders. I knew New York was like every town and every town was like New York.

The truth of capitalism could be determined if you looked hard enough. I was hooked on the cross of supply and demand with all of its benefits and all its sins.

I later watched an old western movie with the same shell game. Only in this game there was no crowd and no "hawker". It was trim, probably edited for television. There was a lot of money involved; all the money the cowboy had made after driving his cattle up the Goodnight Loving Trail. All the profits he and his family would see in a few years. At the crescendo of the hand in question the cowboy drew his gun. "Pick up the other two!" he ordered the snake oil salesman as the cowboy's hand forced down the snake oil salesman's hand on the choice the cowboy made. With sweat from his brow dripping and a cocked six shooter that still had the acrid smell of gun smoke pointed at his face, the snake oil salesman lifted the other two shells. They were empty. There was no pea. Without the chosen shell ever being lifted the cowboy threw the pea on the table that had hit him earlier on the boot. He took his money home.

The answer is in the other shells to the Picket enigma that Tyson brought up is in the other two shells. Substitutes. If competition competes the profits out of selling side of the merchant and there was no proof of gains then why would they manipulate markets? As a matter of fact, market manipulation would decrease their supply and therefore they would be earning even less money, the argument goes. The answer to this shell game is not in the shell they picked up to show there was no pea. The answer is in the two other shells. Pickett felt the pea hit him on the toe and he showed a jury that the pea was on the ground, not u nder one of the shells. The judge and all the arguments are based on the assumption that the pea is not under the shell that Pickett picked. (These coincidental word plays are too much). Pick it, Pickett!!! the hawker (SH-) cried. "The game is fair!" cried Agman. And yet Pickett proved the pea was on the ground, not on the table.

In the substitutes for beef Tyson has a different marketing structure. All of the increases in price in poultry and I imagine pork, go directly in the pockets of Tyson. There is no sharing of increased price with the poultry farmer as in the beef market. Press reporting on that lie is being jumped on all over by the poultry farmers in their Yahoo broilers group. No more propaganda Agman you Joseph Goebles. An increase of 25 cents in the poultry markets creates a 25 cent per lb. increase in profits or reinvestment to take over more of the market and be more of a monopoly on Tyson's integrator side. Geographic monopsonies or oligopsonies and failure to enforce the economic protections of Section 202 of the Packers and Stockyards Act allow this to happen. There is no cop on this beat—or the cop is being paid off by the man behind the table.

Agman, you have claimed to have the absolute right not to have packers be socialist while you yourself are a fascist. The cattlemen, the pork producers, and the poultry producers are not asking you to be a socialist, just want you to be honest. Meet us at the cross!!!! (pun intended)-- Or pay the verdict and get out of town!! The wages of sin is death Spector and you have already been warned in your head. Agman you made the point that these agribusinesses have changed names. Tyson needs to change its name to the rancher's/farmers names for justice to be served. Pickett proved that the pea fell on the floor, he did not have to prove there was a pea under the shell he picked.

Justice is not going to be served until we have intelligent, honest judges. That problem was one thing that was apparent in the verdict with the Robinson-Patman inkled defense and all of the above arguments that have been offered by the packer boys and their hawkers.

Galileo and all of the leaders of science were labeled "nuts" by the establishment of their day. The earth is round, not flat!!

The Republican Senator over the fingerprinting is careful not to leave fingerprints but they, like the Tyson-Clinton connection, are there!!!

"The problem with continually discrediting the conspiracy theorists is that sometimes there is a credible conspiracy."

In regards to me calling "wolf"': I am the voice of Winston Churchill and you the voice of Chamberlain! I have seen Poland, the lowlands are currently being invaded, and the battle of Britain (cattle) is next. Pickett, London, and the others are only a battle that could have efficiently ended the war but if you must have blood beware of the consequences! The less than innocent crowd you have as accessories to the crime around the table are being marked for battle. Leave before y ou get caught. Exodus 3:14.

We tire of your changing deck of cards and your cheap whiskey. It is time to distill the truth and Pickett did it. What color is the wind? Red says the hog!!!

Let us get ready for the roundup and not forget all those who are branded.


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