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Picture of puppy

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Faster horses

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Feb 11, 2005
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NE WY at the foot of the Big Horn mountains
SSAP was so great to help me with the picture of the puppy so this is a test to see if I followed her instructions and the picture will pop up. If there is no picture, everyone will know I failed to follow the instructions. So here goes nothing...
Faster horses said:
SSAP was so great to help me with the picture of the puppy so this is a test to see if I followed her instructions and the picture will pop up. If there is no picture, everyone will know I failed to follow the instructions. So here goes nothing...

thats a good looking lil pup fasterhorses what will you take for her?...........good luck
I'm glad you like her, haymaker. They are intelligent and are fantastic working dogs. She is a lot of fun. These dogs have their own personalities and part of that is to stay right with you. When you are outside, you don't have to worry about them running off, just look down and there they are. Our old dog never had a leash on her in 15 years. She minded so good and like I said, stayed right with you. The old dog was really tough and never barked at a cow in her life. The old dog was also a great watchdog. This pup is 13 weeks old and she already barks when someone drives in!

They are cool dogs. We are glad we got her.

Faster Horses,

You know how to make a guy feel bad. You passed me up bigtime with this computer stuff. Great pup! :cry2:
Don't feel bad, Tom S. Your flag picture is truly awesome!!

And I didn't pass ANYBODY up--I'm still the low man (woman) here as Malcom had to put the photo in for me, (sigh).

I still need help and LOTS OF IT!!
But I'll keep hanging in there cuz this place is pretty much
ingrained in my brain now!

As for the pup, thanks!!
WOW! Is that picture of you?

Congratulations--I think you are the first to post a photo of themselves!

This breed of dog has been raised by these folks for over 40 years--and they don't know what they are. Seriously!!

We got one in 1989 and she was the best dog we ever owned. The dogs are well known in western Montana and are called "the Birrer's Dogs" because they are raised by a family named Birrer. They got the original dogs from someone named Green~They have kept the line going all this time but they are running out of dogs. They watch for 'type' and breed to new dogs they see that fit their creteria. We tried to get one for the past five years with no luck. One day, out of the blue, Pete Birrer called up and said he had 2 female pups and did we want one? We lost our old dog last year. We have a nice Blue Heeler/Aussie cross and didn't really want another dog at this time (we never try to get pups in the winter)~but we know these dogs are special and didn't want to pass up the opportunity. Might not be another chance to get one~so we met them in Rapid City during the Stock Show and got our pup.

So far, so good. We are delighted with her. They are yellow or tan and natural bob-tailed. Some have a white ring around their neck, this pup doesn't though. A little white on her feet and down her throat is all. Near as I can find out they resemble a Black-mouth cur, except in size~and I have never seen a Black Mouth Cur, except on the internet~and a Rhodesian Ridgeback. (I doubt they are Rhodesian Ridgback, it is just they kind of have that look.) They have the ridge down the back of the head and neck and when they get bothered, it stands right straight up. They have a spookie bark, kind of like a wild dog~that will make the hair stand up on the back of your neck!! They are very devoted and EXCELLENT stock dogs. The old dog, in 15 years, never barked at a cow ONE TIME. She was so good, tough and good. Our cows have alot of respect for a dog because of her. My husband works cattle alone a lot and he depends on the dogs to help. He has a lot of patience and has good dogs. Gets them to mind well when they are very young.

This pup was sniffing in the sagebrush today and I noticed she was bothered and the ridge was standing up on her neck. Maybe a coyote had passed by there!!

Thanks for your interest.
Interesting info. Amazing anyone could bring a mongrel breed into such a commendable favour among ranchers!

Thought she looked like a bit of a keener for adventure :p .

We just lost our dog of 14 1/2 years at the beginning of February to cancer, 1/2 Sheltie 1/2 Cocker. Damn good dog. When I stop to think about all the things she learned to do, and not to do, over the years...training a new pup seems like a gigantic challenge :)

I remember, about 7 years ago, I taught her what to do with the cattle when I called her name and made different hand and finger motions in the air. Even though I never got very complicated with her, she picked up quick and could understand when to push the herd forward, pull back, and to shift them in certain directions. It would be interesting to watch her as she would be constantly glancing between the cattle and me to find out any change in directions. It amazed me she never got trampled in all her visual checks. :roll:
Faster Horses:

Great lookin' pup. Have you named her yet? It's seems the last I'd read that you were thining of naming her Soap-did it stick?

When I get a chance I'll try and put a picture of our Corgi pup Holly up under my name. What a hound she is! We hope she'll turn into a cow dog and she'd like to be now as she loves to get all the bulls rounded up by the fence and try and drive them back, but she's so little and young we're a little afraid she might get hurt.

Have a great day, and again thanks for the picture....she's very adorable!

Turkey Track Bar
Thanks, Turkey track, and I would love to see a picuture of your Corgi. They are about as cute as they come, and the thing about them is, they stay cute!!! Ours will grow up and not be cute as she is now...but yours~they are cute forever!!!

Our daughter had one that got stolen. She called it RD for Rotten Dog. She didn't like the family to leave and raised holy hell when they did!! Hard to imagine what all that dog did!!!

I would like to caution you about working your dog too young. All the trainers say not to let them work until they are close to a year old. We have found that to be good advice. We have seen pups that work too young and get hurt, they are never as good as they would have been before they got hurt. It makes them afraid, it makes them bark, it makes them run to you for help if something is after them. Just a word of caution.

We just changed the name of our pup today to 'Dusty.' She has had several names so far. This one might not stick either. Sometimes we can name them right off the bat, sometimes it takes a few names before one sticks. Our old dog we called 'Zip' and it was her name right off the bat. Fit her well. They are not hyper dogs at all, but they are busy. Very controllable, however. And when it is time to be done, they are done.

I used to raise Shelties, and they were awesome. We had a spring storm in 1973 and our Sheltie was in heat. We had a major wreck going on due to the weather, and when the weather cleared, we turned the dog out and we got busy checking on everything. We were across the creek when we saw our Sheltie and the neighbors cowdog together...well, she whelped those pups and they turned into great cowdogs. And sheepdogs. One especially was really, really good.

But to cross a Sheltie with a Cocker and have them turn out to be a working dog, I would have never guessed that one would work. Shows you just never know. He sounds like he was such a good one too. What did he look like? Post a picture, if you would. I am very interested to see what he looked like. Isn't it terrible to lose them, though?

We have had dogs all the time, for years. Sometimes 3 at a time, but my husband really bonds with them and he can always control them, easily. They might not all be the best dogs, but they all do MIND. For years we had Heeler Cross and liked them very much. Again now, we have a Heeler/Aussie cross that is a very nice dog. In fact, he is so laid back and has been good to the new pup. He was a year and a half old before he decided he was going to work. I had given up on him totally. But I was wrong. My husband never gives up on them, he loves dogs the most of anything.

We went through some pups that chewed up things so bad. I mean bad. We had never noticed this in the past. And now with the new pup, she doesn't do that. We are wondering if it is caused from being weaned from the mother too young. One dog actually chewed the sheet rock from under the door going into the house from the garage. She also chewed up the armrest in the Scout, chewed up the seat, chewed up the insulation in the tractor, chewed up everything. We finally gave up on her and gave her away. The people that took her have sheep and they really like her. Maybe she was about to quit chewing, when we quit her!!!!
Faster Horses:

Thanks for the caution about starting dogs too soon. My family used to have a range sheep herd and our herder would never start a new border collie until they were at least nine months and usually not until a year. We haven't tried to start Holly, but with the yearling bulls in our "back" yard it's hard to keep her away. She usually goes to the fence and tempts them-and that's as far as she'll go. But, she is getting braver. My hubby said she was trying to herd a couple of pheasant roosters across the yard and was doing well until the roosters brightened up and realized they could be Corgi dinner! I guess it took awhile as they are not the geniuses of the avian species! I hope I get a chance tomorrow to try and work on getting the picture up. My dad took it Christmas day-so it's a little old-but she hasn't changed much-just gotten longer and stockier-I'm guessing she's done getting taller!


TTB :)
Our little doggie loves to chase the turkeys out of our yard. He is very aggressive and will not quit. When we work cattle in the alleyway, he is busy running around, back and forth across the alleyway and biting the bovines on their noses. He hasn't figured out that he needs to be BEHIND them to make them go forward, but he is smart; he can't get kicked being behind them. LOL. He is so CUTE!!! At 2 1/2 years he is soooooooooo CUUUUTE!!! We don't leave him home anymore because we learned early (just as FH's daughter's dog) he gets mad and chews up things, like my briefcase I use for brand inspecting. Finally got a new one for Christmas (briefcase) but I felt bad about the old one cuz my hubby loaned it to me (even tho it was his pup who ate it). In Billings at the Darigold plant there is a statue of a Holstein on the roof. Every time we go by it our Pembroke Welsh goes "whoooooof" and starts whining. Apparently in his eyes, cows don't belong on roofs of buildings in Billings, Montana.
Our Pembroke is a part of the family, and has so much personality he is almost human. When spouse and I are talking about him in his presence, he has his "sad look" on his face. I tell you what, I think our doggie knows english!!!
Because he is such a low rider, everytime we work cows he HAS to get a bath because he STINKS!! He has his little bed in our bedroom beside our bed. When I am gone for a couple of days, guess who lets him sleep on MY side??!!! :wink:

Whoopie Ki Yi Yo, get a loongggg little doggie.
That was one cute stor(ies!) And I agree, they can almost talk!!

One of the dogs bred like our pup, the owner said could actually count!!
He would tell the dog to get the fifth calf in the alley or the fourth or the sixth and he never missed!!!

Dog are pretty awesome when their owners spend a little time with developing their personalities.

Like a good friend said once, "You can go home and everyone will be mad at you, but here comes ole' dog~~wiggling along, glad to be your friend."
go back to why men will have one wife and two or more dogs, I think that was while you were gone.
Faster horses,

Our wonderful old girl. Pics taken June 2004 at 13 years, 8 months.

Thought about just going straight Sheltie for the next one, but the colouration of them seems to be all over the place with half black faces and spots of sorts. The only ones they show you in advertisements are the good looking, miniature Lassie-looking types.


Hanta Yo:

Great story about your corgi---Holly doesn't get left free to romp-she does get mad when we leave or if my husband goes out to do chores or work without her! Holy cow she stands at the door and barks up a storm. I'm afraid if we did leave her "free to roam" that our house would be destroyed! She pretty much goes everywhere with us. She's a really good traveler-probably better than the hubby!


Nice pics of your "lady" what was her name? When are you going to get a new pup to continue her legacy? Probably the hardest thing to lose is a good dog-I've lost an awesome beagle that I got from an aunt and uncle for my third birthday and a border collie named Joker-she was a tremendous dog-our first border collie and did she ever train us well!

Faster Horses:

Will your pup be counting soon? Tell us if she does-what a fasinating story!

Well everyone, I tried to upload the pic. of the little Corgi--it's my maiden venture into avatar land so I hope it worked!

Have a great day! It looks like it'll be another beautiful day here !

What a wonderful start to my day, looking at good dogs and reading stories from those who appreciate them!!

Those Corgie's, as I said, they just don't get any cuter! And for the amount of personalities they have, they should be big dogs to contain it all!! Don't you wonder sometimes how they hold all those ears up? Gosh, they are too cute to be believed!

As for Aarons dog, doesn't she just have that 'proud look' of a dog that has been a good one and knows it? She looks like a Duchess or a Queen. I have never seen that cross before. Interesting~You can just see her personality shining through.

Thanks, everyone, for sharing!! I thoroughly enjoyed looking at the fine dogs.

And yes, what are their names? Might help me come up with one that will stick! LOL 'Dusty' has lasted a couple of days now. And when she plays with the big dog and he rolls her over, 'Dusty' is very fitting. However, yesterday he rolled her into the only mud puddle on the place. Then she was pretty wet. Didn't like it much, either and she tore after him with her teeth just snapping!!!

My husband is halter breaking some colts right now, and Dusty has already learned what 'Back!' means. If she goes in there with him and the colts, he sternly tells her "Back" and she just scoots right under the round pen~gets the heck out of Dodge! It is funny.

She is pretty fast~almost can get in the tractor by herself now too. She is so brave~and agile.
About dog's minds and their communication, our now deceased dog for some reason never ever chewed things, even as a pup. But she didn't like being left behind. Her way of showing her displeasure was to get on our bed ( a no-no) and instead of just secretly sleeping there in our absence, she'd take any one of my shoes up and leave it on the bed. Never chewed it, just left it as her calling card. Of course, then we'd know she'd been where she wasn't allowed, she'd get yelled at, slink away with tail between her legs. She'd reappear in about 10 minutes all awaggle figuring her time-out was over. We had to laugh seeing her come back after the coast was clear! :lol:

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