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Pictures again

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Feb 11, 2005
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northern Nebraska Sandhills
Here are a few more:


Storm abrewin'

Mrs. Soapweed mowing hay

Pretty little yellow flowers

Soapweeds in the Pines

Cowboy Conveyance

Before the penning, Mrs. Soapweed, my dad, and oldest son in foreground

The ol' man and his boys luck out

Cute kid at the rodeo
Thanks for posting the pictures soapweed,its always interesting to see different country and ranching methods,and like the old saying"a picture is worth a thousand words"keep em coming soap........good luck
Thanks again, Soapeweed!

Is that your nifty cabin in the pines? I like it, I like it!

I just came home from picking up our grandson in Billings. It has dried up pretty much over that way, hills are brown. We are still fairly green here and looks as if you are real green. Nice to see!

We have 50% chance of thunderstorms tonight. It is hot~107 on the thermometer in the Tahoe on our way home. 98 degrees here. Hope the temperature doesn't stir up anything horrible.
Regretfully, that is not our cabin in the pines. We were traversing through the Big Horns early one morning, and the countryside was so pretty we stopped to take a few pictures. This cabin was in the background, so Mrs. S put the camera on a round rock (a little too round :wink: ) and set the automatic timer. The picture is the result. We are standing just a little bit lop-sided, but that fits in with my slaunchwise outlook on life. :)
Loved the pictures - - - beautiful country - - - it's hard to find a "city" family that gets together to get a job done. :D
REally great pictures!
Mrs. Soap looks pretty, also pretty small on that tractor. Does she needs blocks to reach the pedals?
We enjoy trying the camera timer pictures, usually get some gooofy expressions running to get settled into the shot but yours turned out well.
Hey Soap - great pics!

Couple of boys like that and YOU had best be on good behaviour - I figure as we age those young bulls can gve us a good shaking if us oldsters get out of line. :D

Keep the pics coming.