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Pictures - April 18, 2012

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North Ridge Ranching

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Oct 8, 2011
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Northwest Saskatchewan
Just some pictures from yesterday while the whole gang, minus the baby, were out on a nice evening.


Catching a quite one for the kids


Me and the two older kids and a heifers first calf


One of the heifers from the only set of twins we had this year. No tag yet in case we need to give it a new momma


First Calf Heifer out of the Black Simmental Bull



Black Simmental Bull Calf


Black Angus Bull Calf


Black Angus First Calver


Baldy Calf From Before and his Mother


Daughters replacement heifer. You might recognize the Tag, minus the added jewels


Black Simmental Heifer Calf



A couple of Black Angus bull calves


Old 5K. First Black on the farm. The only daughter I got out of the first cow I ever owned.


5K and her Angus Heifer Calf That I Am Sure Will Be Staying Around


3rd Calving Daughter of 5K and a H. Hereford Bull that is getting close to calving
Dad and I each do our own tags. Blue for dad, and Green for me. I have been trying to get the wife to do them but she says we are to picky.


If I was going to let him wear a red touque it would have to be Blackhawks one. We don't agree on teams.


My son won a Leafs Jersey at a tournament when he was 4 and he already knew what I thought of them, he wouldn't even wear it practice. :) :)
Makes a father proud!
Soapweed said:
Happy cattle, happy kids, and fine lettering on the tags. Thanks for the pictures.

Thanks Soapweed,

My son was quite nervous around the cattle for a few years but his sister loves them and I think he is trying to keep up with her because all of a sudden he has taken a huge interest in them. He has always loved playing with his farm toys and cows, he just couldn't bring himself to feel comfortable around them until this year. It is alot more fun when he wants to be there instead of me begging him to come with me.


I hope things have gotten a little better on your end as well.
GM88 said:
Blue for dad, and Green for me
Does that mean 22y is still up for grabs. I will take him.

You would have to pry 22Y out of my daughters fingers. I am scared to think what would happen if I had to sell her. You would think she might be young enough to just switch tags and fool her, but she tells me every day her cow is the one with a white face, one black eye and freckles on her nose.

I posted a picture a while back under "Just a little Bragging" where my daughter accessorized the tag with some jewels, they just didn't hold up in the feeder.

Looking good North Ridge!
My daughter was quite impressed that 22Y's tag matches it's nose! :lol:

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