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Plastic surgery anyone?

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Apr 6, 2005
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A woman in her late forties went to a plastic surgeon for a face- lift.

The surgeon told her about a new procedure called "The Knob," where a small knob is placed on the top of a woman's head and can be turned to tighten up her skin to produce the effect of a brand new face-lift.

Of course, the woman wanted "The Knob." Over the course of several years, the woman tightened the knob, and the effects were wonderful, the woman remained young looking and vibrant.

After fifteen years, the woman returned to the surgeon with two problems: "All these years, everything has been working just fine. I've had to turn the knob many times and I've always loved the results. But now I've developed two annoying problems: First, I have these terrible bags under my eyes and the knob won't get rid of them."

The doctor looked at her closely and said, "Those aren't bags, those are your breasts." She said: "Well, I guess there's no point in asking about the goatee
:roll: :wink:
If everything else in lifted so high i wonder if she has a hunch back?
You guys quit making BMR laugh so much, it hurts!!!
Big Muddy rancher said:
ranchwife said:
sw said:
You guys quit making BMR laugh so much, it hurts!!!

"laughter is the best medicine"...... :wink: :wink: :wink:

Not with sore ribs. You must be saving all your nursing compassion for the hospital or the really sick like Haymaker.

Got a nice, tight rib belt stashed away just for you BMR!!! :D :shock:
outta do the trick!! :wink: :wink:
who knows...I could wake up in the middle of the night and just think about this little story...and crack up, never get back to sleep either! another great one..laughter is truly the best medicine! :lol:

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