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Playing BSE Bingo - Alberta

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Feb 10, 2005
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Alberta Canada
What's the point of this post?

Some guy is buying up cheap cows trying to make a buck by having them tested. The carcasses need to stay accessable until the negative results come back, usually within 2 weeks. I can see someone having a problem with a dead pile of cows, but the article says they were buried some burned... sounds like as the results come back they pile a few more and deal with them.

The point is, many animals are being tested, far more than OIE suggests and all from a higher risk group. They also are not turning up positive.

I hope everyone tests as many as possible under this program. It takes the beef out of the system and gets older non productive cows off feed. A win win in this situation.

Where the cows were found, is an isolated area, miles from any large population.
This article points out only that an "incentive" paid to test can be taken advantage of and some will find a way.
Yes it certainly has a degree of sensationalism that would appeal to some. Almost peta-ish.

As Jason wrote, the carcasses are to be retained until the test results came back. We waited over a month for some results and of course the coyotes had them cleaned up by then. Makes 'em fat and sassy.
I emailed Neil once about an article he had written when the USDA announced the Final rule in Jan. He claimed that the CFIA blindsided the US by not telling them about the BSE positive cow they were investigating. I e-mailed CFIA and was told they had told the USDA and the USDA decided to go ahead with the announcement because it was already decided that Canada may have other cases and that was dealt with in the final rule. I was so discussed with his responce when I told him what CFIA had emailed me. This man used up a good chunk of his credibility when he replied to my e-mail in a very non professional childish way and bacisally said So what he wasn't going to admit he was wrong. I wish I would have kept the email so I could tell you his exact words but I cleaned out my email box and deleted it. Reader you say we should take some peoples writing with a grain of salt well I take this guys writings will a chunk of rock salt.
I think the article is more proof that Canada's bse surveillance system is working. Makes me confident that Canadian beef is the safest in North America.
It is unfortunate if this guys disposal methods are substandard, but that is another issue.