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Poem - - Bummer Summers

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Nov 26, 2011
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The skys blue again
And its hotter than sin
Here on this spread of mine

We've prayed for rain
Again and again
But we just keep right on fryin

My crops are poor
And one things for sure
It's dry as an Englishmen's joke

Now we even laugh
About takin a bath
And the cattle are about to choke

These high plains summers
Are real bummers
And they last clear through to fall

It would sure make happy
This dry old pappy
If the rains would come to call

If the clouds would come
And cool us some
We'd think it was really nice

So if your takin the pains
To ranch these plains
Be ready to pay the price

I like it, and it's sure true alot of summers! Welcome to the forum, whereabouts in Oregon are you?
Hi Nicky,

I now live in South/west Oregon but spent many years in North/east Oregon. I still own property in N.E. (400+ acres) but am now retired and living the life of leasure. I get back up to the Ranch every once in a while just so I can remember how nice it is to not have to worry about it.

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