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poem for friday

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Feb 14, 2005
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Western South Dakota

we remember and honor our ancestors
and we cherish the land where we live
we've shed blood and tears for this ground
we've given all that is possible to give

we exult in the lifestyle we choose
we do a job that few people could do
we take pride in our skills and our children
hopefully they will be some of the few

who will remain on this land that we love
where polititions and nature take a toll
they must endure the hard times yet to come
cherish the life but not lose their soul

most people have no idea who we are
do not know nor care for our life
no understanding of how bad they need us
in this world of tension and strife

we are third, fourth and fifth generation
we pass on our knowledge, hard won
so our children may survive and preserver
and take up the race that we've run

in this new age of techno babble
all need a symbol of what is still right
that the land and it's resources are alive
protected by warriors who are willing to fight
Another winner!!! :D :D :D :D
you said so much in such a small space, jinglebob!! all too often, we see the family ranch/farm end up on the auction block or subdivided because today's new generation does not want the hard work, little pay, long hours and blood, sweat and tears that goes with this way of life...they think more along the lines of big paychecks, monday-friday, 9-5, weekends and holidays off, paid vacations, retirement and paid health insurance!! out of 21 kids in my husbands family, only about 4 or 5 are still in the agricultural business...others have moved into business owners, education and construction!! yet, here we are...continuing the way of life my husband loves so dearly!!! :D
Muy Bueno Compadre,

How's the branding going? We've only got acouple of days left so you better get down here.

Your poems always insire me to keep a going. Thanks Pard.
Saddle Tramp
If you only got a couple days left, you better finish up and come up here! :lol:

We've got another week or so to go to. But we have a few days off in between.

Got to go build fence today, in the wind, woo hoo! :mad: :lol:
Another great one JB, wish I had that one last week so I could read it to the Provider Pals, they would have really liked that, most of the questions from those kids are about why, what and how much money do you make? These kids did have a great teacher, she read them my poem "Why I am a Rancher" a couple of days before I got there and talk about what I was talking about. The next day they talked about "Heaven", this would of been a great one to read to them when I got there. Thanks

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