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montana cowgurl

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Mar 26, 2005
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out there
I wrote both of these 3 years ago, when I was 9 years old. :nod:

Horses run wildly,
spiritually free,
dancing and prancing
with great glee.
Oh, how I wish
I could run and flee
with them,
but I'm up here,
stuck in this tree.
I need to get down
to watch them play
because I've been here
all day.

Amanda Jo Wiley

Copyright ©2005 Amanda Jo Wiley

I Am
I am the spirit of a mustang.
I wonder where my band is.
I hear the distant sound of hooves beating.
I see manes and tails flying.
I want to run wild and free forever.
I am the spirit of a mustang.
I pretend I am never too old.
I feel as young as ever.
I touch the hard ground as I gallop.
I worry that my band will be caught.
I cry when it is.
I am the spirit of a mustang.
I understand why I am here.
I say I will gallop like the wind.
I dream of distant oceans.
I try to lead with all my heart.
I hope I am leading my band the right way.
I am the spirit of a mustang.

Amanda Jo Wiley

Copyright ©2005 Amanda Jo Wiley
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simply amazing talent for a 9 year old....for anyone of any age, really!!! i know the teenage years are coming, cowgurl, and your thoughts will more than likely turn to dating and boys and making sure your hair looks "just right", but do not give up on your talent for putting word to rhyme!!! you have a special gift (one you rightly inherited :wink: ) and one that should not be wasted or lost!! my mother wrote poetry when she was a teenager to help her deal with the pains of growing up and she never stopped writing...unfortunately, many of her works were lost in latter years and now will never been heard of again...do not let this happen to you!!!!
i will be looking forward to reading many, many more beautiful poems from you in the future, young lady!! :D
Very impressive, Cowgirl. Keep it up . Poetry is a good way to express one's self and it's very popular. Now, start pestering sw and Jinglebob for some pointers and you'll do fine. :wink:

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