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Poll: Has all dis's posts changed anyones thinking?

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Feb 11, 2005
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Since we can't get rid of her, perhaps she will see that all her efforts her on our behalf havn't produced much fruit.

Mark 'no' if you haven't changed your views despite all her energy and efforts to let us know her opinion and the the opinion of every liberal medium available.

Mark 'yes' if she has taught you much of anything.

(Since I had problems posting the poll, in order to vote, please go to where I asked Macon for help.)
This person is a SHE? :???: I thot us girls had more sense!! I don't read her posts any more as they are anti-American and irrational and she makes me angry! She needs to get a wake up call about what America is all about. If she hates this country so much, she can leave! I expect, with her view on things, that the Iraqi insurgents would welcome her with open arms...and then cut her head off!!!!!! Does she know Jane Fonda? Maybe they should book their flights together and we could be rid of both of them at once. One way, of course! :D
Or is this person trying to create a debate here, just to stir a few t..ds and she is having a real good time doing it? If that is the case, she doesn't have a life!
Get involved in AMERICA....this is the land of the free and the home of the brave, we want to keep it that way! And that is what our troops are doing in Iraq. :roll:

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