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Polls are they accurate

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Have you ever answered the questions in a nationwide poll

  • No,They wouldn't let me finish

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  • No, I'm always working

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  • No, I would hang up before they asked a question.

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  • No, I've never been called

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  • No

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  • Yes, I have little to do so I chat with then about thier liberal aganda.

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  • No, this poll is biased

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  • UnSure, this question is confusing

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Jul 4, 2005
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ROTFLMAO! Good spin, Steve. But these days Republican pollsters as well as Democratic pollsters and independent pollsters are all coming out with the same answers: The American public no longer trusts George W. Bush. They think going into Iraq was a mistake. So keep spinning, but the word is getting out about the misuse of intelligence in the run up to the Iraqi war!

By the way, I hope your Holidays are Happy! Even though the sky is overcast here, I know there's a silver lining behind those clouds. Bush is bringing our troops home from Iraq. :D

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