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Poor Aim at High Moon at the Bar PP Bar

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Mountain Cowgirl

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Mar 19, 2021
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Poor Aim at High Moon at the Bar PP Bar
by MC

It amazes me that cowboys can shoot the head off a rattler at 30 feet with a single action Colt
But miss a 2 foot porcelain target standing 2 foot away when to the toilet they bolt
Once taking a stance 2 feet above the porcelain throne flushing for sanitation
They miss the bowl and blast the back of the seat, it defies the imagination

When women suggest perhaps changing their stance and with 2 hands they shoot
They become incensed, the blame game starts, and their denial is such a hoot
Their excuse explores being unsteady, drowsy, and half asleep at night
Suggestions that since darkness impairs, they just sit down, causes a fight

The shared flush toilet in a bunkhouse situation certainly is one of concern
In the days of outhouses ranch women would strike a match and watch er burn
Problem solved, but these days burning a bunk bragging an indoor john
Just because of poor cowboy aim, would lead to arrest and posting a bond

Remembering the cowboys' resolve from past days at one bunk one fall
The cowboys went outside and peed against the tool shed wall
No one thought of turning and facing the moon instead of soaking the wood
Memories of the smell in the hot sun I wish I would forget, I wish I could

Memories of the boss lady as she berated and demanded they replace board and bat
She said they had less manners than a billy goat in rut and the smell of pack rat
She made a vow to hire all women for the next spring through fall season
No one even the boss man, the head honcho, dared question her reason

She went on about replacing their caps, hats, and boots with fishermen's slicker
Sending them to gut fish on a boat in Taiwan, no one dared snicker
Since they loved the smell of dead fish and lacked the courage to face the moon
They should all be stripped of their cowboy title and gut fish at high noon

As Sue and I assisted the boss man readying for haying as the boys stood trial
He confessed to me and Sue with our promise of silence, he wasn’t in denial
Years ago he was on trial and since then for both 1 and 2 had assumed a sitting position
These are the facts from that day at the Bar PP Bar, its real name I forget with deliberate omission
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