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Potlickers got lucky yesterday.

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Apr 12, 2005
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South Texas
Well,yesterday was pretty much a day off,no cattle to check,or work,no schoolwork to catch up on (well,maybe just a little ;) ) and all day to do nothing.Well,at around 9 in the morning,i got a call from one of our neighbors,who leases his property to deer hunters.Now keep in mind last year,i offered to dog some of them hogs off of his place ,but he assured me,that the "real hunters" as he put it would get them,they didnt even see a hog...So anyways,he called and asked how my dad was and how work has been lately,then he kindve sneaked the hog subject in,but i stayed quiet,and finnaly asked if id like to try them.So of course i said sure.I didnt have the truck because dad was gone,so i loaded three dogs on the four wheeler,which is all we use it for thank you,lol.The only good it could do me on that place was get me in the gate.I had seen the place a million times,so i was prepared,but it never looked this thick.you could see maybe 3 feet in all directions around you at any given time.Which was no good for me,because it was also very low thick brush,which wouldve been pretty much impossible to penetrate even with the best brush horse.I even had to stoop as low as to wear a cap instead of my cowboy hat that i so dearly love...Anyways,i turned the dogs loose,i had Amus,a half Leapord,half Bluetick pup,who is about 7 months old,Roscoe,a heeler,border collie cross thats about 2 years old,and Roxi,(my ex girlfreind named her,not me lol) a half Leapord,half pit.So we could handle anything under three hundred pounds idealy.Well after walkin through the screen of thorns for about 20 minutes,i hear grunting,so i hiss at the dogs,because i thought they had one caught,when all of the sudden,the dogs appear at my feet,so i squat down,and get them quiet,and i hear the grunt again,and then all hell breaks loose.Brush crashing,dogs baying,and pig squeels.I get my camera out,and take a few action pictures,beings as the dog have the little boar handled.Then i dispatch it with an old bowie knife.Then begins the real work,dragging a 125-150 pound hog out of the brush,while coming down from an adrenaline rush.It takes about a hour but i get it done,i even pack it on my shoulder like a feed sack for awhile,which got me pretty bloody,but it worked.I called an old farmer that i saw pass for backup to haul it out,because it wouldnt fit on the four wheeler,with me and the three mutts.I guess ill hunt the place again some time this next week.Thats #16 for this year,i need to step it up,some guys i know are already at #90 for the year.From botton left to top right theres Amus,Roxi and Roscoe on the hog. http://img108.echo.cx/img108/2851/hog340062ic.jpg its blurry,but my camera isnt the best. http://img210.echo.cx/img210/492/hog340076xj.jpg

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