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Prayers Needed!

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Angus Cattle Shower

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Feb 25, 2005
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On Tuesday three friends of mine were in a single vehicle rollover. Two of them were released from the hospital the next day, one only has friction burns and bruising, and the other had 46 stitches in his arm. However, Elliot had gotten the worst of it. He had brain swelling and had a hole drilled in the back of his school to reduce pressure. He was induced into a coma. He has been taken in and out of it as they are trying to assess the damage. He also has two fractured vertabrae. He is only 17 years old, and the nicest guy you'd ever talk to. His family is awesome and down to earth, his dad is keeping me updated via text as I cant get away from the farm due to wrapping up haying and starting harvest tomorrow or Tuesday. He had a mohawk haircut for as long as I can remember, and many (I meann MANY) of the people in the school we went to have shaved mohawks in support of him. Even some girls have shaved half their heads.

Elliot is a strong, tough person and I have no doubts that he will pull through this with the help of the Lord. If any of you can keep him, his family and his friends in your prayers I would appreciate it very much.

Take care, God bless, and be safe!
and BC.

Also prayers that all young drivers grow lighter right feet. I lost a very good friend 30 years ago to a car accident that he was the sole occupant in.

RIP Wes Derose
His girlfriend was tickling his leg this morning and he nodded that he could feel it.. It's not much, but its a sign. Thanks for the prayers everyone, I will keep you guysa updated on his battle for the next while. He is now allowed visitors, haying is starting to wind up so I want to get in there before we start harvest. I have driven to the hospital in the city (about an hour away) four times to check up on him, but it's been only immediate family allowed by the time I got there. Excitement, fear and gratefulness pretty sum up my feelings of the last week.

Thanks for the prayers everyone!

Take care, stay safe, and God bless!
Thanks FH, I live a pretty quiet life now, all I do is farm. Trying to catch up so I can take some ag business management classes this fall, and I'm paraniod about someone getting hurt or wrecking something so I tend to take my time and do things properly the first time ;)

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