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Prayers please

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Feb 10, 2005
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N.E. Oregon
Mike's brother Gary is having surgery tomorrow to remove a tumor on his spine. He had a similar one done 15 or so years ago. We haven't heard from for awhile, until friday. I guess he's in a wheelchair and it is affecting his bladder and bowel control as well. The surgery is at 10:00 mountain time. We are going over to be there (it is in Boise). I'll check in tomorrow night if we get home in time, if not tues morning.
Thank you!
Today was a hard day, but sleep did'nt come as easy as I figured. Believe it or not, I was layin' here for the last half hour talking to the Man upstairs and thanking him for my blessings. As soon as I saw this I said a little prayer and will keep him up front in my talks with God until we hear back from you. I sure hope all goes well for him tomorrow.

We're home, got the chores done just in time for a nice hard rain to start :D We spent a couple hours with Gary before they took him to surgery. Then went and saw his two grandkids we'd never met. Had left home at 4:30 without breakfast, never did get any so had lunh. Then went and saw my aunt, two cousins, and little 3rd cousin who is about to turn one on wednesday. Man is she cute!!!

Called Gary's son when we got home, the surgery was over but all he knows is that it went well. Praise the Lord! Will give you more details once we hear.

Thanks a bunch for your prayers :)
Prayers are on their way. May God send his angels to be with him throughout this period in his life.

Mike talked to Gary today. Still has pain, but could move his left foot which hadn't happened for quite some time. The doctor said the surgery went well, it was a new tumor apparently, and the old was starting to come back. So he will have radiation and start rehab. Thank you so much for your prayers, I'll keep you posted. :)

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