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pregnacy blood test

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Nov 12, 2006
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I normally usep palpation as a way to determine if a cow has settled or not, but I am not very proficient before about 75 to 90 days, the blood test suggests a 90% accuracy in about the 30 day range of conception for less than $3.00 a test.
Opinions?? pros?? cons???
Seems to me it might be worth the cost to get a jump of 45 to 60 day on a rebreed situation, especially if you cannot catch them in a natural heat! and that is not always possible.
Just askin
We have used it a few times. The Biopryn version is processed through a local lab here is accurate at 28 days. It is easy to do and the results are supposed to be like 97% accurate. The only thing I dont like is that its a bred or open test no way to tell how long bred. It is handy though and with no palpation there is no embryonic death loss. Most cows are really easy to bleed, but once in a while you will find one that is hard to get.
The other con is that it takes 2-3 days to get results back on the test. Last I heard they are working on a chute side test with immediate results but nothing has been released yet.
We have used this test for several years and really like it. It does take a few days to get the results back. It can sometimes be tricky to do the tail bleed, so I have found using the milk vein to be the easiest, no miss method. No way you can miss when you can see and feel a vein that big. The pregnany test through Biopryn is $2.40 We usually test at 30 days then whoever is not pregnant gets to run with the bull again and then test in another 30 days, we keep the cows in the irst 30 days the second 30 days gets shipped.
Does this testing have the same effectiveness on hiefers as on older cows?

Use a scaner.put probe in back.look at screen its easy to tell.once u know.what to look for takes. some training.every one thats not 100% positive gets sorted of and blood teasted.preg test at 45 to 60 pregnant.all opens fed and shipped.
Been working good, is real fast lot safer. Easy to do 400 to500 a day .few days your done.
Still lose some during winter.opens that look like they.re preg.get blood test too
We haven't used this - bad enough gettin them in to AI once !!! We just do a visual on heats.

Have got this email a few times but didn't bother going to the web site - it's just not practical for our situation.

From: jay [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: April-17-11 6:23 PM
To: [email protected]
Subject: Cattle Pregnancy Test kits- BOVIPREG

Accurate diagnosis of pregnancy is important to maintain better reproductive management of cattle and high profitability of beef/dairy farms. Early detection of pregnancy is always desirable for the farmer, so that the cow can be rebred without any delay. It is most beneficial if non-pregnancy can be detected before the first heat after insemination. There are some conventional methods which detect pregnancy accurately but can only be performed after 35-45 days post insemination which causes the farmer to lose at least one opportunity to inseminate their cow.

Just pour 3 drops of MILK sample on the smart Cassette and you will get result within 5 minutes.

An innovative and proven Rapid Cow Pregnancy Test Kit,BOVIPREG, introduces with the following advantages.

Ø Test evaluate early pregnancy any time during 18th to 22nd day post insemination.

Ø This test requires MILK /BLOOD SERUM to detect pregnancy both for beef and dairy cow and heifer.

Ø We recommend 5 consecutive tests for the animal whose insemination date is not known. If this test is performed for 5 days continuously then one negative result during this period will prove that the cow is not pregnant. Otherwise pregnancy is established.

Ø Test evaluate pregnancy status of recipient after 11-15 days post Embryo transplant.

Ø To detect Early Pregnancy perform only one test between 18-22nd days post insemination.

Ø Test requires only 3 drops of milk,

Ø Get the result within 5 minutes.

Ø Kit can be stored in room temperature, easy to transport and does not require any refrigeration.

Ø It is a Cow-side test, and you will get the result right in your barn. This means that you will not be required to send the samples to a laboratory for pregnancy test.

Ø Accuracy of 96.9% in positive pregnancy and 97.8% in negative pregnancy has been proven.

For more information please visit our website at www.twilcanada.com

With best regards
25 South Bonnington Ave
Toronto, ON, Canada,
M1N 3M2
Tel : 1-647-827-2248
Web: www.twilcanada.com
Email:[email protected]

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