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premises ID #,s

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Feb 13, 2005
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IM wondering if there is anybody participating in the MID pilot program,and how many have a premise ID # ?................good luck
Talked with a friend of mine yesterday from Nebraska who's participatin in the pilot for the other taggin system. The scan tags that tracks each individual animal. She was about to pull her hair out because she is entering information on every animal they own. Basically the program is not equipped to handle all of that information and she had been on the phone off and on all week with the manufacturers of the program and is now told she'll have to download all kinds of updates for it before it is functional. They have been at it almost a year and a half..entering tags and info. now to have it not work. What a kick in the butt....seems that the system is set up for feedlot operation...Not the cow/calf operation, she said that's not the sales pitch they got when it all started tho. So...guess we'll hafta wait and see on how this all goes..I think the premises tags should be sufficient. That way after an animal leaves your place it can still be traced back. BUT that's only if it's goin to packer. If that animal is sold to an individual. Then that individual or the seller has to report that animal sold and where it is now.
Thats speaking nothing about the cost of the equipment she had to buy. The program alone was over $600, then the scan wand, plus 2.50 per tag, gets expensive when your talking bout a 2000 head operation.
andy-have you followed thru to the packer on those cattle? wouldn't surprise me if, when trade resumes with asia, that you could get a premium from them for birthdate/traceability.
We are selling source varified cattle right now but there isn't a premium, but as soon as the trade opens to japan i think there will be some money in it. Right now the source varified trim goes to McDonalds.
McDonalds, hmmm...but we're right-when that market re-opens, source/age-verified, there WILL be a premium. too bad the US is so behind the times as a general rule. oops-better go to the "bull session" with that comment :roll:
We do have a premises i.d. number. We have some friends here in WY who are participating in the pilot project, and they have done great with it. They do track their cattle all the way and get the carcass data back. They've made great improvements in their herd (which was already quite good). We have some other WY friends who have chosen to i.d. themselves - and they did get a premium on their cattle.

I attended some seminars on i.d. last fall. Sounds like those who get in early could/will receive a premium, and can use it to benefit their herd. Technology is still advancing, however, and you may end up buying something that will be better / less expensive down the road. However, soon i.d. will be the norm, and those who don't do it, but be docked later on.

It doesn't cost anything to get a premises i.d. # and it is easy to do.

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