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"Preserving the Past"

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Feb 16, 2005
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South East Texas
The other day hubby and I went down to the shop, which is behind his granny's house. She's been in a nursing home for the last 6 months or so, turned 100 years old in January. Neat neat old lady. She's always had a garden and canned her own vegetables. I was just walkin around the house in the yard, and got to noticing a few things, then ended up in the washhouse. She stored all her canned goods out there. None of this stuff is probably any good anymore, but I just thought I should "preserve the past" before someone decides to clean it out and throw it all away.


She has a lil 2 eye wood stove in the house, this is the chimney.


This is the little push plow she used to plow her garden after it was up and growin'


This is the Washhouse (I just love that old wood)


Canned goods, lil bit dusty.


Some peaches, pears, and hotsauce


Wood spiders have taken over the washhouse, thought them was some neat lookin webs coverin the jars.
Hey lily - all those canned goods should still be as good as the day she canned them if the seal hasn't been broken. If the lid is still sucked down tight and you hear the seal pop when you open it, it will be just fine. Several years ago my husband's aunt opened a jar of chokecherry syrup her mother canned in the thirties and it was still delicious. Just make sure that seal is still intact.

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