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Feb 10, 2005
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Montgomery, Al
For those interested;


Please take note of the LAST sentence. For those against testing of younger animals.

As part of their efforts towards promoting increased safety for consumers, the European Union has incorporated a variety of new regulations in recent years. In particular, meat products are subject to increasingly strict controls. Every piece of meat should, as far as possible, be labelled and traceable back to its origin.

To address the increasing need for the detection of BSE, EUROFINS SCIENTIFIC has combined a complex set of testing methods and filed a patent for this. This new procedure can guarantee the safety of the consumer to a degree impossible until now.

The new method is based on the unique combination of genetic fingerprinting, a reliable and highly sensitive prion test (developed by the Swiss company Prionics AG), and a special database in which this information is stored. When an animal is slaughtered, the prion test is carried out on brain tissue samples, which can supply information about a detectable prion infection within 7 to 8 hours, and can therefore be easily integrated in the slaughtering process. The same sample can be used to produce a distinctive and unique genetic fingerprint. Both of these results - the results of the prion test and the genetic fingerprint - are stored in a database. Since the genetic fingerprint can be reproduced after the meat has been processed, it will subsequently be possible to link every meat product to an animal without detectable infectious prions, by performing database enquiries or, as the case may be, it will be possible to exclude such a link.

Alternatively, the genetic fingerprint can be used for random tests. If the fingerprint does not match that as stated on the label of the prion-tested original animal, then fraud cannot be excluded. The new process guarantees reliable identification of prion-infected animals more than six months prior to the outbreak of illness, and at the same time it enables a continuous manipulation-proof check on products, from the " abattoir to the end consumer.

Yea, and the USDA is trying to tell us that testing is NOT for food safety!

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