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Priorities of the Republican Party

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Jul 4, 2005
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Unreal. :mad:

The Republican run government here in the United States apparently doesn’t see any problem with deficit spending. They’re spending over a $Billion each week in Iraq. They approved $54 billion in April of ’03 and another $70 billion in November ’03, for Iraq, plus $21 Billion for the Defense Department in ‘05,

They approved a $530 Billion Medicare bill in the dark of night that was supposed to cost $400 Billion.

They approved a $14.5 Billion Energy bill that doesn’t address our dependence on foreign oil but gives the oil companies big tax breaks to go along with their huge profits.

They approved a $286 Billion pork-filled Transportation Bill!

And Bush still wants to spend possibly $1Trillion to “save” Social Security.

They squandered the Federal surplus in $2 Trillion tax cut mostly to the richest people in this country.

And yet when it comes to Katrina, rebuilding the devastated Gulf Coast, and helping, American citizens instead of Iraqi politicians, they suddenly get tight fisted. Who cares if the elderly in the US can't afford their meds? I didn’t see a single suggestion in this article to get out of Iraq and save $Billions! Excerpts, link below, my emphasis.

“Conservatives have made a host of suggestions to cover the cost of relief. Many would like to delay the prescription drug benefit under Medicare for a year, which they say would yield $40 billion to $50 billion.

They also have suggested eliminating the billions in pork-barrel spending projects added to the transportation bill, which Bush recently signed. Others would like across-the-board spending cuts of 10 percent.”

We're going to have to put a real sharp pencil to the budget, sharper than we have ever had to do before," says Rep. Ray LaHood (R-Illinois)”

“..$1 billion is a lot of money," says Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama).”


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