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Progress? Not

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Feb 10, 2005
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Anybody want to talk about things being labeled as " break throughs" and "progress", which aren't?
An ad by Jackson & Perkins plants reminded me of it by their introduction of the world's first black delphinium, 'Darkness Visible.' It produces 1- to 1½-inch black blooms on 2-foot flower spikes from spring to early summer and blooms again in the fall.

I don't know about your gardens but I've produced many an unwanted black plant, called dead, and don't need any help in that direction! :)
Black flowers to me seems like wearing a black wedding dress. yechhh.
now, now, NR.....my husband and i were presented with stunning, matching black carnations (with sympathy cards attached) the day before our wedding by an ex-girlfriend of his :shock: :shock: course, that just seemed to reinforce WHY he got rid of her in the first place, but as you can see, black flowers do serve a purpose....just gotta figure out "what" :wink: :wink:

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