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Feb 10, 2005
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AGAIN, sh, here is the proof I have presented half a dozen times.

The data needed to make a factual statement is NOT AVAILABLE. You stated something as fact when you DID NOT HAVE THE INFORMATION needed to make a factual statement, BECAUSE IT DOES NOT EXIST!!!! On this I will say that you were lying or are simply blowing smoke. You make the choice. You absolutley positively can NOT be telling the truth.

You were lying when you said you proved that the two plants lost more than Lakeside made. Proof of that is that you can not fill in the blanks.

Now, I have said all that I'm going to say. This is gone on so long that we're all getting sick of it. SH made a wild comment that he could not possibly have known to be factual and then dug himself in a hole with his stupid bet claiming that he could provide proof. He's hung and doesn't have the sense to let it go.

I'm sick of it, I'm sick of SH, and I'm through with this topic. Time to move on already.


Of course you are sick of it because you dont have any intention on backing your allegation that I lied nor will you address the hypocrisy of accepting Agman's calendar year 2004 data out of hand while demanding proof for the entire period of time when the border was closed. You are a total phony and have left no doubt with anyone but your packer blaming clones.

Anyone with any common sense knows that two plants with a combined capacity equal to Lakeside's running at 30% capacity while paying employees for a 32 hour week is losing money big time. Anyone with an understanding of the costs surrounding SRM removal knows that this was a huge added cost to Lakeside. Tyson's own financial reports claimed that Lakeside's profits dwindled to nothing in 2005. Anyone with any common sense knows that the Tyson representative had no reason to lie to me either way. You don't want to know the truth you just want to pretend to know what you are talking about. You have nothing to back your position which is why you demand that I back mine.

Of course you are sick of being introduced to your own hypocrisy. You are nothing but a parasite on this forum.


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