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Feb 10, 2006
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eastern Montana
this man broke no laws:

DALLAS - The Secret Service took a man into custody Tuesday afternoon who had a gun in his vehicle next to the home of former President George W. Bush. He said he was attempting to deliver a "spiritual message" to the former president.

A Dallas police sources told News 8 that police were called to the 10000 block of Daria Place by the request of the Secret Service. They detained an African-American man, believed to be armed with a gun.

The Bushes are currently out of town.

The man made it through a gate at the end of the block on Meaders Lane by closely following another vehicle. The Secret Service monitors the gate 24 hours a day with cameras and microphones.

The man told the Secret Service he got a "spiritual message" to come there to deliver that message to the former president. They searched the man's car and found a weapon in the glove compartment of the vehicle.

The man does have a concealed handgun license in the State of Texas, according to the Dallas police.

At this time, the Dallas Police Department says it has no reason to hold the man, however the Secret Service is continued to question the man for more information. They do not believe the man was a threat to the former President.

There have been several incidents in the past of people trying to make it through the gates to get a message to or see former President Bush

One nation, Under God, with Liberty and Justice for All!!!! yea right!

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