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proud Canadian

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Mar 23, 2005
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Just got my pics developed and wanted to share :)
My daughter on Canada day...

Yes, ranchwife, very proud. I now have 3 kids spaced 5 yrs apart, more by good luck than good management, but I love every second I have with them.

Soapweed, thanks for your concern about her lack of cover for the upcoming winter, but by greatest concern is that she grow some teeth so I can feed her steak or somesuch rather than this expensive bleeding formula. :? At the rate she's going through it I'll be in the poor house soon. :!:
Her eyes and her smile positively light up the screen.
Couldn't help smiling back at her!
She is sooooooo cute. Big blue eyes. I can see why you posted her picture. Beautiful baby.
Soapweed said:
Cute kid. Hope she grows a little more hair before winter sets in. :)

I agree- and some teeth before the corn on the cob is ready to harvest :lol: :lol:
Happy Canada Day everyone! Thought I'd post an updated pic of my youngest, taken seven years to the day after the pic at the start of this post!

How fast those years go! She looks like a blessing!

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