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pucker power

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Feb 11, 2005
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Cabin Creek, Carlile,Wyoming
pucker power, is what keep you in the tractor seat when dry farm sidehill round baling, got a hill left to bale(actually 3 but 2 of them are small), so will get pictures up later. Sometimes you in the right spot to kick out a bale other times it a trip up or down the hill to a flat spot.
one side hill when it was last in grain the up hill wheel on the combine would spin and th down hill side of the header would be in the dirt.
There are a couple spots I have to go down hill as the JD 4040 is only 2 wheel drive and will spin out pulling up hill with the baler.
Now I am not as steep as some of the country on the north end of Chache Valley Idaho.
I used to farm and hay a little valley like that. Was sure hard on the underwear sliding back and forth on the tractor,swather and bale wagon seat. It's the reason we went to round bales , the bale wagon would spin out going up the hill and dump the bales coming down. :x
that's why I go 'commando' this time of year. easier on the laundry-expense.
jigs said:
ltdumbear2 said:
that's why I go 'commando' this time of year. easier on the laundry-expense.

plus, you get better grip !

:help: :lol:

We are pretty hilly here and I don't like to flip rounds very much in my open chore tractor. I think my finger nails have been embedded in the right side roll bar frame as I hang on for fear of tipping over . I have never even come close to it, but am still scared nonetheless . :roll:

I do however prefer to wear clothing ,skivvies and all. :p
When I was in high school we lived at Martinsville Ind and I have rolled 2 tractors - - -- a D15 Allis chalmers while mowing hay - - the ground broke away from the left rear tire and I ended up upside down in a ditch! I learned that you make two outside passes with a 7' sicle bar before you turn around as the first time will hide the dips.

Then a D17 doing loader work as there is no flat ground on that farm. My step dad also laid a WD Allis Chalmers on its side doing loader work and rolled off about a 15' to 20' bank worried the tractor was following - - - Good news was the tractor stayed at the top.

When I first moved to Knightstown I baled hay for a neighbor ( square bales ) on a field I finally refused to bale on any more as it was to steap! He tried to get me to come back but when I refused I found out no one else would either and that field is now in scrub trees as no one has had a tractor on it since 1972 - - - it is just not worth the risk!
18 yrs later (working for ranchers) I'm FINALLY learnin' how to run a hay-baler (round-bales) and so far no mishaps to speak of...but about a month ago while the boss was ropin' at Reno, I had to drop a few loads of gravel at the base of a round stock-tank that the ladies were threatening to ruin...and both tanks are 'stair-stepped' (one above the other) on a really scarey slope...I did my best to keep things level...but ALMOST tipped the whole works over, while the bucket was raised to clear the h-brace-deal, which protected the electric-well...

...I know for a fact that the shorts I was wearin' needed goin' into the washer the minute I got back to the bunkhouse.

That tractor was alot of money right there...there would've been NO explaining THAT one away...
Picture putting your left horse on the cut line. For those that cannot, the right horse is usually on the cut line.

First time cutting that field with a 1010 Hesston told me to go counterclockwise so the swather will not push me off the edge into the round pen below the field.

It's the little tricks one learns that make farming interesting.
after running farm equipment in iowa in farm country i moved to the ozarks with the rocks and ledges.the backhoe and heavy equipment operators have a scale of 1 to 10 on pucker power.with 10 being the worst.

usually with a score of 10---there is damage to man or machine!! :eek:

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