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Pure Gratitude!

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Feb 28, 2008
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Mid-western Ontario
When the vet preg checked her last fall he said I shouldn't keep her even though she was pregnant. Too old, crippled and skinny and she's later than the rest, he said. Plus she probably wouldn't make it through the winter if she had to rough it outside with the rest of them.

Well we were down a few cows so I decided that I would baby her along since it wouldn't take that much extra and I had a corner in the big pen where I could keep her and feed her a bit of grain. She earned it because she always raised a smashing good calf so why not give her one more chance!

All winter I carried hay and a little bucket of ground oats and corn to her and put water in her pail since she had no access to the bowl. And she actually gained a bit of condition over the winter!

Yup, this year she calved 2 months later than the rest. But the bull calf she dropped was born half grown so he didn't even look smaller than the rest of the crop! And last week when we weaned he had caught up.

Because of her age, I didn't run her with the bull so today she got a truck ride with the rest of the culls. Kinda hard to see her go.

But her last offering was likely what I will remember the longest. As I slowly followed up behind her down the alley to the trailer she showed her appreciation for all my trouble - WHAM - she lashes out and gives me a bone-cruncher right on the lower leg . . .

How's that for pure gratitude!!!

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Sounds typical. I had a cow that we had babied for ever. Couldn't get her up and one day I went to check on the herd and she had died laying against the only entrance gate to the farm. Long story short we had to go through the neighbors place to get her moved. Yeah I know all about gratitude. :mad:
Yup... last winter we had a cow hurt herself calving and couldn't get up. We drug her out and set her on a pile of straw and packed food and water to her for nearly three weeks, rolling her over regularly. We watched her wither away but kept trying. On what turned out to be the final day of her hospitalization, while I was caring for her, she jumped up and tried to knock me down. Fortunately she wasn't that quick. Then she wobbled her way up hill for about a mile to join the pairs. Took her about a day to make it but she did and she was fat by fall.
But like you say, there was obviously no gratitude.
Well we did the sorting in the pouring rain this morning and got well paid for it. We sent 1 bull and 10 old girls, including the aforementioned shin buster, to the salesbarn and they averaged just over $1000. :shock: :shock: :shock:

The bull was over by the same amount as the skinny old girl was under.
Big cows, they were, and averaged about 65 cents.

I remember shipping cows a few years ago for $200.
Wow, that was worth babying her along! Someone on here told me they got $1350 for bred cull cows :shock:
Nicky said:
Wow, that was worth babying her along! Someone on here told me they got $1350 for bred cull cows :shock:

Well, we all know fat sells, and since they didn't milk well, they were plenty fleshy... the rest of the girls are on notice to be on good behavior, it's very tempting to go with a few more low end producers :D :wink: .
Many years ago, a neighboring rancher was walking down Main Street of a local town. He happened to witness a terrible fight
on the sidewalk outside of a liquor store. He broke up the fight. The winner ran off, and the loser was laying in a heap on
the ground, quite badly injured. My neighbor went into the nearby drugstore and purchased medicinal supplies. He then
proceeded to doctor and bandage the wounded man. My friend was somewhat proud of his accomplishment, and was ready
to take his leave, when the wounded warrior asked, "Could I have a dollar?" My neighbor had the same "pure gratitude?"
thought as many of you are having with your bovine experiences. :roll: :? :???: :wink:

Another friend came out of the Legion Club one Saturday night. He got to see the tail end of a fight before the victor fled into the
darkness. He tried to help the loser get on his feet, and asked, "What happened?" The loser muttered, "I got hit with a two-by-something." :wink: :)

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