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Put those Diet drinks away!

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Feb 10, 2005
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Montgomery, Al
Possible Link Between Diet Soda & Obesity

People who think sipping diet soft drinks will help keep their waistlines svelte could be taking the wrong approach in controlling their weight.

That's according to the long-term San Antonio Heart Study.

Researchers analyzed patient information spanning 26 years. They found that those who drink diet sodas were more likely to become overweight. The risk of being overweight or obese increased 65 percent more with each diet drink per day.

The study's researchers point out that their findings raise more questions and don't prove that drinking diet soft drinks leads people to gain weight. However, they say anytime people drink sodas, they are missing out on healthier beverages.

I saw a report on that on TV. I drink diet Dr. Pepper over regular, but not cause I'm fat, (because I'm not), but for my teeth. My dentist let me know that I am very cavity prone and that sugary drinks, which cover more surface area than foods will be extra bad for them. So Diet sodas it is for me.
"Scientists" are trying to figure out if there is a link between the brand name of substitute sweetener we know as Equal and problems with glucose metabolism in the liver!!! If this is found to be true, then the liver is unable to differentiate between sugar and aspartame....leading to eventually increases in body weight!!! I, too, drink diet sodas because of my teeth, but i keep it in minimum (maybe one drink a day) and then i make my own "diet tea" with Splenda....no link there yet between the liver and splenda....but....

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