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Queen Nancy

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Feb 10, 2005
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Montgomery, Al

As a result of a Judicial Watch filing under the Freedom of Information Act, the USAF released documents detailing Former House Speaker Pelosi's use of United States Air Force aircraft between March 2009 and June 2010. The data are published in the Judicial Watch Verdict of December 2010, Volume 16, Issue 12.

Here are the main highlights revealed by the USAF. Keep in mind that all the data below relate to United States Air Force aircraft used by one woman over a sixteen month period.

Several of these flights included Ms Pelosi's guests such as grown children, grandchildren, various in-laws, friends, and hangers-on. Over 95% of the trips were between the west coast and Washington , DC or what we might call a commute between home and the office. READ it and WEEP!!

Total trips: 85 trips over a 68 week period or 1.25 average trips per week.

Total mileage: 206,264 miles or 2,427 average miles per trip

Total flying time: 428.6 hours or an average of 5 hrs per trip

Cost to the taxpayers: $2,100,744.59 or $27,715.00 per trip or $1,285,162.00 per year

Cost of in flight food and alcohol: $101,429.14 or $1,193.00 per trip or $62,051.00 per year.

On one junket to Baghdad, according to the Air Force report, she had the aircraft bar stocked with the following:

Johnny Walker Red Scotch, Grey Goose Vodka, E&J Brandy, Bailey's Irish Creme, Maker's Mark Whiskey, Courvoisier Cognac, Bacardi Rum, Jim Beam Whiskey, Beefeater Gin, Dewars Scotch, Bombay Sapphire Gin, Jack Daniels Whiskey, Corona Beer and several varieties of wine. This was obviously a very important"gubment bidness" trip.

Evidence generally speaks for itself, and in Ms. Pelosi's case it speaks the language of abuse and (evidently) a serious family drinking problem, for in a single year she and her spawn drank an amount in excess of the net income of the average employed American! When she said, "... If the stimulus doesn't pass, five hundred million people might lose their jobs...", I thought she was unintentionally revealing her ignorance. I'm now more inclined to think she was pickled.

Jan 5, 2011
Nancy Pelosi and her private jet are estranged today. The private jet enjoyed by the Speaker of the House Pelosi will no longer be used to jet set her "entourage" back and forth from LA to Washington.

Now the Jet goes to the new speaker of the House, who will leave it parked. John Boehner has no intention of changing his commercial flight plans, according to The Post and Courier today. Pelosi, who once demanded she get a jet big enough to carry all the people she travels with, will now have plenty of room for those people, who will all have to buy their own ticket from the commercial jet sector. The parking of the jet and the end of the free rides has already started the national deficit to move a bit in a positive direction.

It was not so long ago that Nancy Pelosi demanded a bigger private jet, threatening consequences if she did not get one. She just had too many people traveling with her back and forth from her State. Today Nancy Pelosi won't have as much as a Piper Cub prop plane unless she digs into her own pockets for it. This may make Nancy miss the little tiny private jet that she didn't want in the first place. Even a jet that seats 20 is better than none.

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