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Question About Fence Posts

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Feb 14, 2005
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We are in the process of rebuilding several of our feedlot fences. We made supposedly good solid corner braces by concreting wilmonized posts to form a double brace. Now of my neighbors told me that the concrete will rot the wilmonized posts. I asked my local elevator to contact the lumber company that sells the posts and they say there is no problem. Has anyone out there had a problem setting wilmonized posts in concrete?
Now, that's not fair Chuckie, when a good question is asked here, it is also answered fairly! There's only a couple of issues that get us fightin!
it might help if my stupid fingers would go as fast as my so-called brain!!! i'm embarrassed (sp?) at the spelling above. JEEEEZ

anyway, we'll see, eh, Murgen?....
must really be hard up for something to fight over if we have to do it over fence posts...
Soapweed said:
You would probably have to set wilmonized posts in concrete, or they wouldn't stay in place. They'd probably be out wilmonizing and catting around. :wink:

very punny, soapweed :D :wink:

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